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January 28, 2013
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When you calmed down some, enough to be able to see where you were going and to walk, Arthur stood you up and ushered you into his dorm room. He sat you down on the bed and shooed Alfred out, telling him to go with Matthew.  Alfred would have made a joke about make-up sex, except he saw your red puffy eyes and a glare from Arthur saying "If you crack any jokes or tell anyone she's here, I'll personally kill you." Alfred, before he left, gave you a hug, which you graciously returned. Then he was gone, leaving you alone with Arthur.

You kicked off your boots and moved up on the bed so your back rested against the wall. You pulled your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs. Arthur sat next to you and put his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his bare chest. If you weren’t so distraught, you would have blushed.

"Talk to me, love." Arthur said.

You almost started crying again. After you had ignored him, gave him the cold shoulder, even took Eliza on the date he was supposed to go on with you, he still cared about you. You opened your mouth to tell Arthur that you should have seen this coming, that you should have known. But those weren’t the words that came out.

"I'm sorry…" You choked out, your voice raspy from crying.

He was silent for a bit, holding you. Then he let out a breath, giving you a sad smile. "No, I should be apologizing. But that doesn’t matter." He said. "What matters is what happened with… your parents."

"That’s the thing. I don’t know what happened. They just told me they got a divorce." You answered and shook your head. "I-I should have known…"

"How could you possibly have known, love?" Arthur said. "They sent you away."

"B-because, when they took me to the airport, th-they drove in separate cars, and they said goodbye to me separately. A-and that night when my father called… y-you were there. And on my birthday I got two gifts, one from each of them, and they were the exact same thing." You explained, pushing back the tears that threatened to spill out again.

"(Name), look at me." He said softly.

You turned your head up to him. You (e/c) eyes boring into his emerald green ones.

"Love there is no bloody way in hell that you could have picked up on all of that." He said. "It's only clear to yo—"

"That’s the thing, Arthur," you said. "I did pick up on those things. I was just too stupid to connect the dots."

You tried to turn your head away, but Arthur caught it in his hands. "No, (name), I won't let you believe that."

"Too bad, because I do." You said and sighed. "I have to go back. I need to see them."

"That’s not a good idea." Arthur said. "If they sent you away to do this then maybe they don’t want you home yet."

"You can't talk me out of this." You said adamantly. "So either you let me go or come with me."

Arthur kept trying to talk you out going back to your old home and talking to your parents for a vast majority of the night. Eventually he gave in and said he would go with you. So you got his laptop and looked up plane fights and times.

The two of you must have fallen asleep because you woke up with your head resting on Arthur's chest and Arthur's arms wrapped around you protectively. You sat up and yawned. When Arthur felt you move, he stirred and cracked and eye open, smiling at you sleepily. He sat up also and stretched.

"Good morning, love." He said and leaned in to kiss you, but then he stopped, feeling unsure on if he should since the two of you were technically broken up.

You touched the heart shaped locket that Arthur gave to you on your birthday. The day after you had gotten it, you put pictures of you and Arthur in it and even though you were mad at him, you didn’t take it off. Arthur's face hasn’t moved from its spot almost two inches away from your face. You closed you’re the gap, pressing your lips to his.

He sighed happily. When you broke apart he spoke. "Come on. It's breakfast time."

Luckily, it was Saturday morning and there weren’t any classes so you didn’t have to wear your uniform. Arthur threw on a pair of jeans and a plain white button up shirt. He opened the door and looked to see if anyone was in the hallway. When the coast was clear, the two of you walked out of the room and too the cafeteria.

On the way there, the two of you ran into Eliza.

"(Name)!" She called, running over to you. "Are you okay? You never came back. I got worried."

"I'm uh… fine. I… went to Arthur." You said, taking Arthur's hand and holding it up. "He helped me. And we both kind of fell asleep…" You expected her to get mad or squeal like a fangirl.

She did neither; instead she asked you a serious question. "How are you feeling? What are you going to do now?"

You shrugged. "I feel fine. And I decided to go back home. To find out what happened. I'll be back."

"I'm making sure of that." Arthur said.

Eliza was silent for a moment. "Then I'm coming, too. Gilbert should probably come with us."

"Why Gilbert?" You asked.

"Because I'm you bruder." You heard a familiar Prussian say.

You turned to the direction of the voice and saw Gilbert jump out of a tree, his bird on his head, like always.

"How long have you been there, Gil?" You asked.

"Enough to hear zat you spent ze night vith Arthur. Zat damn American didn’t say a damn vord ven he came to me und Ludvig saying Matty vouldn't let him in." he said, a look of rage marring his features, his glare directed at Arthur.

"Great! So you know the situation!" Eliza said and took her frying pan from her waist just in case she needed it.

"Ja, I know ze situvation!" Gilbert said. "This British saubär slept vith my schwester!"

"We didn’t do anything. I just consoled her."

"So zats vat it's called in England, now is it?" Gilbert said tauntingly.

You sighed and held out your hand to Eliza, who handed you the frying pan. "Hey, batter, batter, batter!" you said and swung the pan at Gilbert's head.

Eliza clapped. "Nice form! Though you could use a little more back swing." She commented.

Gilbert turned his attention from the blonde Englishman to you. "What was that for, mein schwester?"

"He was consoling me about this!" You showed your brother your phone and the texts your parents sent you about their divorce.

"Oh…" He said, turning a little red. "Sorry."

You only shrugged and handed the frying pan back to Eliza.

"So when are we leaving?" Gilbert asked.

"Last night before Arthur and I fell asleep, we looked up flight schedules. There's a flight leaving with four open seats leaving at one twenty today. If we get there soon, we might be able to buy those plane tickets and be on our way." You said.

"Well, we better see if we can get Ludwig or Alfred to cover for us." Arthur said.

You all agreed and the four of you walked to the cafeteria. You found Ludwig and Alfred sitting at a table waiting for you. None of you got food and you explained the situation to Ludwig and Alfred, asking them to cover for you. Ludwig agreed right away. But Alfred… he wanted to go. You convinced him that if he went to, then they would know something was up. Eventually, you got him to agree, on the condition that he took you to the airport.

After everyone ate a light breakfast, everyone piled into Alfred's car, something you didn’t know he had or was allowed to have. He got you to the airport in record speed and you realized why Arthur warned you to not eat so much. You stumbled out of the car, trying not to heave. You waved good bye to Alfred and you, Eliza, Gilbert and Arthur ran into the airport.

You got held up buying tickets, the teller asking you for passports and ID's. then Arthur flashed a card that you couldn’t see and the teller stopped asking so many questions and just gave you the tickets. You rushed through security and made it on the plane before it took off. When you were finally in the air you turned to Arthur.

"What was that card that you showed the teller at the front desk?" You asked.

He looked at you and shrugged. "I'll tell you when we get back to Hetalia Academy, ok? I promise."

You eyed him and then sighed. "All right. I'll hold you to that, Iggy." You said, calling him the nickname you heard Alfred call him so many times before.

He smiled at you and pulled your head down so it rested on his shoulder. "Get some sleep. I have a feeling you're in for a long day when we get you back to your family."

"But I'm not tired." You said.

He smiled softly at you and then he started singing softly. You couldn’t understand the words, but it was so soft and soothing. You felt your eyelids get heavy and eventually, you started to drift off to sleep.

That was the only time Arthur ever used magic on you, though you didn’t know what he was doing at the time.
Well the new chapter is finally here, so Enjoy it! I rushed to get it up, so i applogize for any spelling mistakes and grammar errors and such. but i hope you like it all the same. So enjoy! This is going to be one intense chapter!

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:…
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10: You're here!!!!
Chapter 11:…
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