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February 9, 2013
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Arthur stiffened next to you. The cat was out of the bag. You stared at the letter and then at Eliza, Gilbert, and then rested on Arthur. You couldn’t even bring yourself to look at your mother. Your so called friends knew.

"You knew, didn’t you?" You said. No one answered, Gilbert glared at Arthur and Eliza looked at you apologetically. "Answer me!"

You were so angry. Arthur promised you no more lies, no more secrets. And he got your brother and your best friend to lie to you too. How could he do this to you?

"(Name), love. We did know." Arthur said and reached out to touch your shoulder. You stepped back out of his reach.

"You promised me, Arthur. You promised me no more secrets. You lied to me. AGAIN!" You voice raised as you talked. "And you got Eliza and Gilbert to go along with you!"

"I just wanted to pro—"

"Don’t even say it, Arthur. That wasn’t protecting me! Not telling me that I'm a freaking country isn’t protecting me!" You said and stormed out of the kitchen and upstairs to your room, slamming the door behind you.

Hungary's POV

England just stared at you as you ran out of the kitchen. His eyes were clouded, but Hungary could still make out the hit of sadness and pain that was too powerful to mask. Hungary felt for him, but she also believed that he brought this on himself. He should have told you the second you found out who your brothers were.

She was also in the wrong herself and she acknowledged that. She didn’t have to go along with England's plan. She could have just told you herself.

Hungary placed her frying pan on the counter and ran in the direction that you ran. She heard the footsteps of Prussia behind her. She guessed on which door was yours and called out your name.

"(Name)?" She said.

"Go away, Eliza. I don’t want to talk to you." you answered.

Hungary didn’t listen. She opened the door and she and Prussia walked into the room. "(Name)…"

You tried to throw a pillow at them without looking. "Go away!"

Prussia walked over to you and put a hand on your back. "(Name)." he said uncharacteristically gentle. "Look at me und Hungary."

You looked up. "Hungary?"

"That’s my country name." Hungary replied. "It’s the name I go by at school before you came."

You sat up and wiped your red puffy eyes. Even though you were heartbroken that your boyfriend… sorry… EX-boyfriend lied to you and kept a secret like this from you, you were still curious as to what the other Countries of your friends were. What country you were. Hungry watched rubbed your eyes again. She hated to see you like this.

"What country are you, then Gilbert?" You asked.

He grinned. Too bad Hungary left her frying pan in the kitchen. "I am ze awesome Prussia!" He said somewhat loudly.

"And Arthur is England." Hungary replied and smacked Prussia. "You too loud."

"(Name)." Three heads turned to see England standing in the doorway, he looked terrible.

You shrunk back away from the door. Hungary noticed this and stood up and walked over to England. She pushed him out of the door way and closed the door behind her.

"England." She said evenly.

"Let me talk to her, please." He said, staring at the door.

He's snapped. He didn’t look like England any more. His eyes were blue and his hair had a strawberry tint to it. The shock must have changed him. Hungary has only seen this side of him one and that was right after the American Revolution when America left him. If she let him see you now, no good would come from it. You would probably end up with some cuts because you would refuse to talk to him. and refusing England like this wasn’t the best idea.

"No, England. You can't see her right now give her a few days to let this sink in." Hungary said.

England turned his blue eyed gaze on Hungary. "I can't do that. I need to talk to her. I need to explain this to her."

Hungary shook her head. "No England."

She did something that Prussia wouldn’t even to when England is like this. She challenged him. England's face broke apart with an evil grin, his blue eyes widening. Hungary was scared. But she couldn’t let her guard down. She wished that she hadn’t left her frying pan in the kitchen. England advanced on her.

"Prussia!" Hungary called.

England's grin never wavered. Seconds later, after hearing the tone in her voice, Prussia came out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"(Name) is asleep." Prussia said. "What do you need, frau?"

Hungary didn’t answer and Prussia looked at England and his eyes widened. "Oh shit. Not again."

"Prussia, my frying pan is in the kitchen. Go get it." Hungary ordered.

Prussia wordlessly obeyed. England kept advancing on you and you started to back up, praying that Prussia would take too long to get the frying pan. England backed Hungary against the wall. England's grin widened when he saw that he had the female country trapped.  A knife slid down from his sleeve and into his hand. A switch blade. He swing it open and advanced on Hungary.

"Prussia!" She called. "Hurry up!"

England was right on top of her now. "You should have just let me see her."

"You're not going anywhere near miene schwester in zis state, England." Came Prussia's voice from behind the Englishman.

England barely got the change to turn around before Prussia swung Hungary's frying pan hard at the back of his skull. England crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Hungary kicked away the knife and knelt down by England. She opened one if his eye lids with her finger and let out a sigh of relief. They were green again. She looked up at Prussia.

"Help me get him into a spare room to sleep." She said. "You're staying with him. Take the frying pan just in case, and make sure he doesn’t have any more knifes just in case he goes crazy again."

Prussia nodded and the two picked up the unconscious blonde again England and carried him down the hall and into a room that the two assume was a spare bedroom. They laid him down on a bed and then Hungary left the room to go join you in your own room.

England's POV

England woke up the next say with a terrible headache. He sat up and looked around the room and saw Prussia leaning against the door, holding Hungary's frying pan, wide awake. England stood up and Prussia jumped to his feet.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Prussia?" England asked, referring to the way Prussia had a look of fear mixed with protective anger.

"Y-you vent crazy last night. Almost killed Hungary und tried to talk to (name). We stopped you. Hungary told me to vatch you." Prussia explained.

"Wh-what?" England replies. "I don’t remember any of that…"

"Vell it happened." Prussia said.

England pushed passed Prussia and went downstairs to try to find Hungary. But she wasn’t there. When he asked your mom where you and she were, she just told you that Hungary took you early in the morning back to the school. England sighed. It was probably for the best. He lost control and he shouldn’t be around you yet. He went back upstairs to Prussia.

"We are going back to the school." England said. "Hungary and (name) already left."

Prussia nodded. "All right."
Well, 2P England made an apearance here. I hope you enjoy this newest chapter!!!

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Chapter 12: I... I couldnt control myself, love... im... im so sorry.
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On a side note your story is pure awesomeness! Better than Prussia, but don't tell him i said that? >.>
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