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February 12, 2013
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England's POV

He and Prussia returned to the school about two hours after the girls did. The first thing England wanted to do was to find you and Hungary and apologize. Apologize to Hungary for almost killing her and to apologize to you for keeping secrets after he promised no more of them. He felt absolutely terrible for the whole ordeal. He should have just told you like Hungary told him to do in the first place.

He screwed this up more than he did the first time when France had gotten in the way. He was such a bloody idiot. The first time since the revolutionary war, he despised himself. He ruined something, again, with someone he cared for deeply. Why does he always so these things?!

He left Prussia at the front gates of the school and rushed to your dorm, knocking on your door with the side of his fist, calling out your name. You didn’t answer. Hungary didn’t even come to the door either.

First it was neglecting America. Then it was lying to you about what you are. What else could fucking happen next to tear my life apart! England shouted in his mind. Why must I be such a bloody idiot!

Hungary's POV

"(Name), it's time for breakfast." Hungary said to you.

Two weeks have passed since you found out what you were. England had apologized over and over, begging forgiveness. But you refused even though Hungary did grant the Englishman forgiveness after almost killing her. England noticed the day that he got back at breakfast that you had taken off his necklace. He looked absolutely crushed. America had to take him out of the cafeteria and try to console him.

The two of you had been a complete mess since that night. Hungary felt sincerely terrible for the whole thing. She felt bad for England for having his heart broken twice, crushed so wholly, and for you because you were lied to all your life, by your family, by your boyfriend and even your friends. Including Hungary herself.

The first day at lunch, everyone tried to keep up the façade, calling each other by their human names and whatnot. That is, until you said that the jig was up and knew the big secret. Everyone introduced themselves by their country name and you looked disinterested but tried to put on a happy face. The only people who noticed were your brothers Hungary and America.

America had pulled you over and Hungary went with you. He asked why you looked so dead and unhappy. You were able to get through half of the tale before collapsing into sobs. America pulled you into a hug and Hungary told the rest of the story. America tried to console you, and Hungary thought he had the most chance of getting you happy again since he was in the same boat as you once upon a time. He even used a fake British accent and used the word "wanker." He was able to get you to smile a little bit and Hungary was happy.

Germany ended up hearing the story from Prussia. He got really angry, but he controlled himself, because if he didn’t, he would have started World War III all over a new micro-nation.

Every night, Hungary heard muffled sobs coming from your side of the room. She couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t stand to see you unhappy like this, or to see England teetering on the edge of insanity, looking worse day by day, his green eyes gaining a blue-ish tint to them and his golden blonde hair starting to get more reddish as each day passed by. She needed to try to fix this. She wanted everything to go back to the way it used to be.

On Wednesday, two and a half weeks after you sank into depression and after England kept getting worse and worse every day, she found Germany, Prussia, and America. After lunch, after taking you to class, she pulled them over behind the science building.

"We need to fix this." She said.

"Fix vat, frau?" Prussia said.

"(Name) and England, obviously!" she said. "Haven't seen how (name) hasn’t smiled in weeks and how England keeps looking more and more unlike himself and struggles between calling himself Oliver and Arthur? And how he's been trying to make cupcakes?" She turned her gaze on America. "You’ve definitely seen it, you’re his roommate!"

"I have… He almost dressed in purple and pink this morning before I stopped him." The American nation replied and shuddered. "The look he gave me was scary…"

"See. We have to fix this!"

"Vy do ve have to fix anyzing?!" Prussia replied. "I don’t vant meine schwester anyvere near zat English bastard now! He almost killed you!"

Hungary glared at Prussia. "I already forgave him for that." She crossed her arms. "And don’t you want your sister to be happy?"

Prussia fell silent.

"What about you, Germany, don’t you want her to be happy?" She said. "No matter what it is that makes her happy?"

"Ja. I do." He said.

"Exactly, that why we have to do something!" Hungary said.

"I may not agree with fixing things. But Oliver scares me. And no matter what my past is with England, I don’t want (name) to suffer though the same thing I did, or have England suffer though it again, either."

Hungary smiled at America, he was being mature for once. "Prussia?"

He muttered something about damned Englishman and something that sounded a lot like something that Romano would say. Then he spoke up. "FINE! I'll help."  He shouted, looking to the side.


"So vats ze plan?"

The four countries huddled into a circle as Hungary explained her plan. The other three nodded in agreement.

"AND I'M THE HERO!!" America shouted triumphantly when Hungary finished explaining.
well its here, albeit short and some what depressing, but its here. HAPPY READING!!!! (lawl. so not likely.)

enjoy, my friends. Feed back is welcomed!!

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Chapter 13: Whose Arthur? My name is Oliver. Want a cupcake?
Chapter 14:[link]
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