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February 21, 2013
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"Hey! (Name)!"

You turned towards the voice. "Oh. Hey, America."

He ran up to you and grinned widely, his eyes shining behind his glasses. "What are you doing tonight? Want to go out?"

You checked the date on your phone. It was Friday. There was no school tomorrow… you really weren’t doing anything but part of you didn’t want to do out. Your chest and heart still hurt.

"I don’t know…" You replied.

"Come on." America said. "It'll be fun. Trust me."

He gave you a small smile, pleading with you to go. You stood your ground. Then America shot you the puppy dog eyes. You caved. I mean, how couldn’t you?

"All right, fine. I'll go out with you." You said.

He smiled at you. "Sweet, dude! Thanks!"

You tried to smile back, but you couldn’t. You started walking to your first class. America followed you and took your hand. You didn’t care enough to take it back, so you just let him hold it. After class, America took you to the next class, holding your hand again. He would be there after class also to take you away again.

England's POV

He watched as America took you from chemistry, your hand secure in his. He glared at the back of his so-called American friend and ran a hand through his light strawberry blonde mop.

"Arthur?" He heard a voice from behind him. He stiffened. That wasn’t his name. "Arthur?" The voice sounded again.

"O-Oliver?" It said when he didn’t turn around.

England turned. "You finally got my name right this time, Eliza, love."

Hungary had her frying pan with her. "Oliver, can I… speak to Arthur please? It's about (name)."

"Whatever you have to say about her can be said to me." England replied. "Arthur doesn’t want to see her. Why do you think I'm here, love?"

"You're not completely here, Oliver." Hungary said, gaining courage. "You hair is more blonde then not and your eyes are green-blue, not all blue." She gripped her frying pan tighter. "Arthur, please. You don’t want (name) to see you like this."

"Arthur's not here." England said stonily, stepping forward, glaring at Hungary.

"I know how you can get (name) back. Just please, fight Oliver. Come back, Arthur." Hungary said.

England took one more step towards Hungary, but then stepped back. Seconds dragged by and Hungary noticed that England slowly started looking like his old self. Arthur and Oliver were muttering at each other, curses and comebacks and literal curses at each other. When the struggle was over, Arthur was back, his head dropped in his hand, rubbing his forehead. Then he looked at Hungary, his emerald green eyes clouded with a tired look.

"Arthur?"  Hungary asked.

England nodded. "Yeah. Sorry about him."  He sighed. "So what do you mean you know how to get me and (name) back together?"

"Come out with me tonight." Hungary said. "You'll know what to do when the time comes."  She turned to go to class. "Also, keep Oliver in check. You really don’t want (name) to see you like that. At least not for a while."

England nodded again. "Sure. I'll try."

After classes that day, England walked to his dorm room. There he saw America sitting on his bed in his usual outfit, the uniform and the bomber jacket. He also noticed Germany standing at his closet.

"Hey! Britain!" America said. "Get changed. We're leaving soon."

"Leaving for what, wanker?"  England replied.

"The double date! Me and (name), Hungary and you!" America answered. "No need to call me names, either. Hungary and I are just trying to help you."

Germany walked away from the closet with England's green military garb. "Vear zis. You vant to look like you care."

England sighed and took the clothes and changed in the bathroom. When he finished, he looked into the bathroom mirror and tugged at a lock of his hair a little bit.

"Well, this mop isn’t going anywhere."  He muttered and bent over the sink and splashed some water on his face.

When he looked up he saw a familiar winged green bunny sitting on the sink. He looked down at his friend and gave it a smile.

"Hello there, Flying Mint Bunny." He said.

"Hi England!" It said cheerfully.

"Why are you here all of a sudden? I haven’t seen you in weeks." England asked.

"I just came by to wish you good luck." Flying Mint Bunny replied. "I hope you get her back. I liked her a lot."

England chuckled. "You never talked to her, though."

"I know. But she made you happy."

England smiled sadly. "Yeah. She did."

"Well, you had better get going, England!" It replied, flying. "Good luck!"

"Tell the others I say hi." England said.

Flying Mint Bunny nodded and then flew off. England sighed and left the bathroom. Then he and America left the room, leaving Germany behind. The two walked to the front gates of the school only to see that Hungary was already there. She walked over to England and placed something in his hand. England looked at it. It was the locket that he gave to you on your birthday. He closed his fist around it, his face contorting into a pained expression.

"Come on, England." Hungary said. "America and (name) are going to meet us there."

You're POV

America insisted on walking you back to your dorm. When you reached your door, he took off saying that he would meet you at the gates of the school in half an hour. You nodded and walked into your room, but instead of seeing Hungary like you expected, you saw your brother. He was sitting on the bed.

"Velcome back. I vas vaiting for you, ya know, schwester." He said.

"What are you doing here, Prussia?"  You asked.

"Vell I heard about your date vith America."  He said, standing up, a grin marking up his face. "So I decided to help you get ready."

You sighed and rubbed your forehead. "Fine. Whatever."

Prussia's grin widened and he went over to your closet after pushing you down on the bed. After a few minutes of searching, he pulled out a sundress that was mostly white with some bright colored patterns on it. He laid it out on the bed for you. You simply stared at it.

"Must I?" You asked.

You had gotten comfortable with the sweats and tee shirts that you’ve been wearing lately. You didn’t exactly feel like getting all dolled up. But every time you rejected the idea, Prussia adamantly said that you had too. You sighed and picked up the dress, walking into bathroom. There, you changed into the dress and then walked back out. Your brother clapped for you.

"Very nice." He said. "Now put these on." He handed you a pair of gladiator sandals.

You sighed and did as you were told. "Am I done?"

Prussia looked you over. "If I vasn't your bruder, I’d date you." He chuckled. "And if Hungary told me how to apply make-up, I would. But I don’t."

"So Hungary picked out my outfit?" You asked suspiciously.

He shrugged. "Vat can I say? I'm awesome, not gay." He laughed. "Vell go on. America is vaiting."

You rolled your eyes and walked out of your dorm and headed to the front gates. When you got close enough you were able to see America leaning against one of the pillars. He was wearing beige military clothes and a brown bomber jacket with the number fifty on the back. You walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, Alfred." You said, using his human name.

He jumped a little bit and looked at you with a sweet smile. "Hey, (name). Ready to go?"

You nodded and he took your hand. He led you out of the school and through the streets of the town. He was talking to you, making conversation the whole way. Eventually the two of you stopped by a quaint little house, a house you recognized. It was the ice cream shop you went to when you needed a pick-me-up. America walked over to the door but you hung back. When he noticed you weren’t following, he turned to you.

"(Name)? Come on." He said.

"I-I can’t." You replied.

He looked at you sadly. "I know what happened here. But trust me, it’s the best way to move on."

You looked at him. He held out his hand for you to take. Slowly you reached out and took it. The two of you walked in. The same old woman from last time greeted you and led you to a table. You hardly noticed who you past until you heard the voice of your best friend call your name.

"(Name)! Fancy meeting you here." Hungary said." Why don’t you and Alfred sit with us?"

You looked at America, who immediately said yes and took the seat next to Hungary. You were about to take your seat when you finally realized who Hungary came here with, who you had to sit next to.

It was Him.

The man who broke your trust.

well its finally here!! The big plan of hungary's starting to take action!! I hope you like it!!

by the way, is it bad that i just realized like today that the 50 on the back of America's jacket stands for the American States?

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Chapter 14: Well, im back. sorry you had to deal with oliver, love.
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