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February 28, 2013
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England hadn't noticed you yet. He was looking out the window. But then he saw your reflection. He turned to look at you as if believe you weren’t really there, that you were just a figment of his imagination. His emerald green eyes glimmered with unmasked hope. You swallowed and took the seat next to him, unconsciously moving to the far side of the seat.

"Well, this really is a happy accident."  Hungary said.

"Totally dude." America said and looked at you. "Right (name)?"

You side glanced at England. He wasn’t looking at you anymore, just staring out the window again. You sighed and looked at the table.

"Yeah. Totally."  You muttered.

Before the waitress came by, the old woman who brought you to the table, America and Hungary sat chatting with each other. They tried to pull you and England into the conversation, but every time the boy of you would give short, one worded answers.

When the lady came by, you each ordered ice cream, you got the same as last time, America asked for a sundae piled high with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and cherries. Hungary got strawberry ice cream and England got tea again. The conversation resumed with Hungary and America until the waitress came back. She put the ice cream in front of the respective customers. Then before she looked she looked at you.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She asked. "You’ve been looking down the whole time you’ve been here."

You stiffened. "It's… a long story."  You answered.

"In short… it was my fault."  You heard England say.

You looked up and stared wide-eyed at your ex-boyfriend. He looked back at you with sad eyes that seemed to say something. But you didn’t want to listen. You stood up, muttering sorry as you walked past the lady and out the door. America stood up also and walked out after you. He found you standing on the lawn, hugging yourself. He took of his bomber jacket and draped it over your shoulders.

"Can you take me back, America?" You muttered, pulling the corners of the jacket around you tighter.

He put a hand on your back. "Yeah. Sure. Let me pay and tell Hungary and England."

You nodded and America walked back into the shop. Moments later he came out with Hungary and England behind him, the British nation looking depressed and pained, like he was losing control of something painful. America walked over to you and put his arm over your shoulders.

"Come on, let's head back." He said.

The four of you started walking back to the school. You walked in silence, all of you. when you reached yours and Hungary's dorm room, America stopped you.

"Hey, (name)." He said.

You looked at him.

"I'm sorry for what happened." He said.

You shrugged. "It's fine."

"No. it wasn’t." He replied. "Let me make it up to you."

"Uh… all right…" You looked at Hungary out of the corner of you eye, she shrugged.

America smiled a little bit and put a hand on your cheek, angling your head upwards a little bit. His blue eyes bored into yours and he started to lean in. You froze. He was going to kiss you. Were you ready? Did you want to kiss him? Your head was beating really fast, but you closed your eyes, unsure of what you should do.

You could feel America's breath on your face. But before his lips met yours, he pulled back and a different pair of lips mashed into yours. A familiar pair of lips. Lips that were soft but the kiss was rough and needy. Lips that you kissed so many times before, but they never had the force that they had now. Without actually wanting to, you melted into England's kiss.

You faintly heard the opening of a door and footsteps lightly walking in, and then the door closing again. You felt England's arms wrap around your waist as he pulled you closer. When the need for air became too great, the kiss broke. England looked at you, his emerald orbs bored into your (e/c) ones.

England blinked and released you abruptly, realizing what he had done. He didn’t know what came over him. He also didn’t know if that was what he was supposed to do. Bloody hell I am so stupid! He thought to himself.

He turned around, feeling his face heating up, not wanting to look at you. "I'm sorry." He muttered.

You just stared at him, your hands over your lips, not knowing how to respond.

England sighed. He screwed up again, might as well go out on a limb here and see if he can win you over again. He turned back around and faced you, seeing the look of shock on your face.

"(Name)."  He said.

You looked at him.

"Will you… come with me for a moment? I… want to talk to you about something." He said and held out his hand for yours.

You looked at his hand for a moment and then at his eyes, his emerald green eyes that were filled with self-loathing and hope. You nodded, but you didn’t take his hand. His sighed and his hand fell to his sighed and turned, starting his walk down the hall.

"Follow me." Was the last thing he said.
I know its short. It also probably has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Just deal with them for now. Im rushing to get everything up on time for you guys. heh heh. Another story might fall between the cracks. Sorry guys. Just bear with me. i kind of had a bad week.

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Chapter 15: Forgive me, love.
Chapter 16: [link]
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