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January 20, 2013
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You follow Eliza down the stairs and into a really big room that looked like it could hold a full on formal ball for royalty. You stare around the room in awe at how big it is compared to your house. Then to realize how many people are in there and you start to feel your shyness take control and you step behind Eliza like she'll protect you from the onslaught of people you don't know.

Eliza turns and looks at you, smiling warmly. "Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of. Trust me."

Just then a boy who was a little taller than Eliza walked up. He had white hair and ruby red eyes and a grin plastered on his face.

"Vell, vell, vell. It seems you have arrived!" He said with a thick German accent. "Couldn't stay avay from the awesome me, could you, Hung—"

He didn't get to finish his sentence before Eliza hit him on the head with her frying pan. The boy didn't look more than a little bit dazed at being hit with the skillet. Then he blinked and his eyes land on you.

"So dis is the new girl, huh?" he said. "(Name), right? Guess you don't know who I am. After all, you vere a new born vhen I first saw you! I'm Gilbert Beilschmidt. Come on, let the me introduce you to mein bruder and the rest of everyone else."

"When you last saw me?" you asked. "What do you mean, Gilbert?"

"Please, call me Prus—" He started and was rewarded with another hit from Eliza's frying pan.

"Just call him Gil or Gilbert for now. And don't listen to a thing he says, he's kind of crazy." She tells you and gave you a smile.

"HEY! Stop hitting me vith dat!" Gilbert said.

Eliza sighed and leaned over to whisper something in to Gilbert's ear. He looked at her, then at you and then back at Eliza, nodding.

"Can someone please tell me what Gilbert meant when he said the last time he saw me?" You ask, kind of irritated.

"I didn't mean anything by it, (name), just pulling your leg." He said and puts an arm over your shoulder. "Come on, let's get you acquainted vith everyone."

He steered you through the crowd, Eliza following the two of you, and stopped in front of a boy with slicked back blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"This is mein jüngeren bruder. His name is Ludvig Beilschmidt." Gil said to you.

You held out you hand, not knowing any other way to greet him. "It's nice to meet you, Ludwig."

He looks at your hand for a moment and then he takes it, shaking it firmly. At that moment, Gilbert detached himself from your side and whispered something in Ludwig's ear. He nods, still looking at you.

"It's a pleasure." He said in a German accent that's like his brother's but not exactly.

You give a shy smile just as you hear a really loud voice call out, "LUDI!!"

You turn to see a boy with red hair and a curl that defies all laws of gravity. He ran up to Ludwig, you, Eliza and Gilbert.

"Hallo, Feliciano." Ludwig said.

The boy, Feliciano, tackle hugged Ludwig and then his attention turned to you. "Oh, is this (name)? The girl that the teachers said was coming for this year?"

Ludwig nodded. "Ja. Und you remember vat they said about her?"

"That she's-a you're si—" Ludwig covered his mouth before he could say anything and nodded, then whispered something in his ear.

"Oooooohhhh." He said. Then he looked at you. "In that-a case, my name is Feliciano Vargas. Call-a me Feli!"

"Ah… um… hello, Feli." You say.

The five of you, Feli, Ludwig, Gilbert and Eliza, started chatting amongst yourselves in the group. Them asking you questions, you answering trying not to let your shyness get the better of you. Then you heard a somewhat familiar English accent behind you.

"Shouldn't you be introducing yourself to the rest of the people here, (name)."

You turned and saw Arthur standing there. He looked at Eliza who blushed because she was supposed to be leading you around, but totally forgot when she started talking to everyone else.

"So this is what this is about." You said. "Who planned this?"

You look at Eliza who shook her head and pointed to Arthur. You look at him and raised an eyebrow at him. He just shrugged.

"I merely thought it would be nice if you knew some of the people you would be in class with." He said. "Even if most of them are wankers."

Your shyness started to get the better of you and you only nod. You don't know what it was about this British boy that stood in front of you that made you so shy. You were able to get over it easily with Ludwig and Gilbert, Eliza and Feli just fine. But this is the second time you saw Arthur, but you still felt shy around him.

He held out his arm for you. "Come on. Let me take you around yet let these guys talk."

Before accepting you look back at Eliza who nods and gives you a thumbs up. So, with Eliza approval, you take Arthurs arm and he leads you around the room.

"So… Um… Is everyone here from a different country?" You ask him, looking at him as he looks straight ahead.

He nods. "Yeah. You could say this is a very elite school."

"Did you really organize this whole party?" You ask, trying to start up a conversation to try to get over your shyness towards him.

"Yeah." He looks at you and gives you a small warm smile. "You should at least know some people. I mean… The headmaster said to make sure that you fit in here. To get to know the other people who are going to be your classmates and hopefully your friends."

"Oh. Well. Thank you, Arthur. That's very nice of you." You say, a small smile tugging at the corner of your lips.

"Well I am a gentleman after all." He said. "Sides, the headmaster might have mentioned something about you not having any friends where you used to live. So I thought, the easiest way to fix that was to throw a party in your honor, (name)."

You face heats up. So this really cute boy knows that you didn't have any friends… god that is so embarrassing! You thought to yourself. Arthur, noticing your blush speaks up.

"Don't worry about that, (name). Everyone here at this school here because we can't get along well with normal people. It's kind of a quirk we all have." He said.

You nod. "What do you mean everyone here can't get along with other people?"

Before Arthur could answer a boy with sandy brown/blonde hair with a curl that sticks up, and blue eyes with glasses comes up to the two of you.

"So! This is the new girl!" He said then his eyes fall of Arthur. "And this is why I haven't seen her yet. Why do you get to keep all the pretty girls to yourself, Iggy! It's no fair!"

Arthur sighs. "How many times have I told you not to call me that, Alfred?"

"About a million." He replies with a grin.

"Then why do you still insist on calling me that?" He asks.

"How about this, you introduce me to the girl and I won't call you Iggy." He says.
"Fine." Arthur said.

"Um. I'm right here, ya know." You speak up, tired of the two of them talking about you like you weren't there.

"Oh. My apologies." Arthur said.

You shrug. "It's ok."

"Anyway." Arthur says. "This here is Alfred F. Jones. Alfred, this is (name)."

"You're forgetting something, Arthur!" Alfred said.

He sighs and rubs his forehead. "And he's the… hero." He hesitates with the last word, almost muttering it.

"Damn straight! That's me and you better not forget it!" He said loudly.

"It's nice to meet you." You said to him and hold out your free hand.

He takes it. "The pleasure is all mine. Especially for a pretty lady like yourself."

You feel your cheeks heat up.

"Anyway, (name) here has a lot of people she needs to meet, do if you don't mind, Alfred, move." Arthur said.

"Fine. But I'm tagging along too!" he said.

With that, the three of you walked around the room, Arthur and Alfred introducing you to everyone that was there. There was a Frenchman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a bit of a budding beard, whose name was Francis, but Arthur only referred to him as "French Frog." It was Alfred and Francis who cleared up what his name was. You also met a Russian named Ivan and his sisters Natalia Arlovskaya and Katyusha Braginskaya who were born in Belarus and Ukraine respectively. Arthur mentioned his brothers in passing but said that couldn't make it here because they passed out drunk hours before the party started and they wouldn't get up.

You met someone from Japan named Kiku and his brother Yao who was from China. You met so many people that you didn't think you would remember all of their names. Eventually it got late and you yawned. Arthur noticed and smiled at you.

"It looks like someone is tired." He said and chuckled.

You nodded, yawning again, unintentionally leaning against Arthur, your eyelids heavy. Arthur looked at you, a light blush covering his cheeks.

"Come on, let's get you back to your room before you sleep." Arthur tried to help you up to stand on your own two feet. But you just didn't have the energy.

"Noooo. I'm tooo tired." You whined.

"Nope. I'm not taking that as an excuse, missy." He chuckled.

You groaned. "But I have jet laaaagggg. Don't make me walk." You said and looked at him, your eyes half closed. "I thought you were supposed to be a gentleman."

Arthur sighed. "If you fall asleep, then I'll carry you to your room, but if you're awake, you are perfectly capable of walking on your own."

"Fiiiinnnneee." You groaned again.

"Very good." Arthur said.

He started leading you out of the room and towards where you and Eliza are sharing a dorm. You don't know if she already left or not, because you don't have a key to the dorm yet, but you're too tired to really tell Arthur or even keep it in your head for more than a few seconds. The two of you walk and then, somewhere on the walk, you fell asleep, almost falling to the ground.

Before you hit the ground Arthur catches you and held you up bridal style. He looks at your sleeping face and sighs.

"Looks like you couldn't stay awake after all. I'm sorry for making you walk." He mutters to himself.

He carries you to your dorm with you head leaning against his shoulder and your arms hanging limply at your sides. He carried you the rest of the way to your dorm and knocks on the door with his foot. Moments later, and there was no answer.  He sighed and sits you down on the floor, leaning up against the wall. He knocks on the door and calls out Eliza's country name, hoping he wouldn't wake you up. When there was no answer, he sighed and sat on the ground next to you and has you lean against him, making sure not to wake you up.

~Time Skip~

You wake up to find yourself leaning against Arthur in the hall way. It seems he fell asleep when he brought you back and found that Eliza wasn't back yet. You look around and you see Eliza standing in front of you.

"It's about time you woke up, sleepy head." She said and giggles. "Arthur carried you here, but when I wasn't in the room, instead of just leaving you here, he stayed."

You look at him. He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping, you thought to yourself. "Such a gentleman."

"I'll leave the door unlocked. Wake him and send him on his way. Ok?" Eliza giggled and disappeared into the dorm.

You turn back to Arthur. "Hey, sleepy head, wake up." you shake him lightly.

He groans but doesn't wake up. You shake him harder and said his name louder. He stirs and opens his eyes, blinking to try to see things clearly again.

"Hey there, sleepy head." You smile at him, for the first time, you realize.

"That's what I've been waiting for." He smiles back and stands up.

You stand up also, your awkwardness coming back. "Erm… Eliza came back. You can go to your dorm now."

He nods. "All right. So I'll see you tomorrow? Classes start then. Eliza will probably take you to get your schedule."

You nod. "Ok. See you tomorrow, Arthur."

He smiles. "Good night."

He turns and walks off. You watch as he goes and then you go into your room. Eliza is there waiting for you with a big grin on her face, sitting on her bed. You raise an eyebrow at her.

"Oh, nothing. See you in the morning." She said and crawls under her covers.

"Good night." You said.

You changed into you pajamas and then crawl into your own bed. Not long after that you fall into the blissful darkness of sleep.
Chapter two is here! enjoy!
compared to the other one, its probably not as good. or maybe it is. i dont know. but here you get the first glimpse of Arthurs kindness and Gilberts "awesomeness" and Eliza's frying pan. mwahahahahaha. and maybe, just maybe, you find out something new about yourself. that is... unless you can connect the dots. ;) if you think you know it, you can try asking me. but I probably wont tell yooooouuuuuuu.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You're Awesomely here! (<--- Gilbert's Insert)
Chapter 3: [link]
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Chapter 5: [link]
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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: EVENTUALLY!
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