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January 20, 2013
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You woke up the next morning only to see Eliza's face directly in front of your own, grinning cheerfully. When you finally realized what was going on you sat up fast, almost hitting Eliza's head with your own, and bite down a scream.

"What the hell, Eliza?!" You shouted. "If you're going to do that, then just wake me up. Geez. You scared the crap outta me."

"Sorry. Sorry." She said. "Come on, get dressed into the uniform. We don't want to miss breakfast."

You nodded, standing up, and looked around for what Eliza explained as the school uniform. Eventually you found it hanging in the closet next to some of your more fancy clothing. It was a red plaid skirt, a white button up dress shirt with a white or off white sweater vest or a red blazer and a red tie. You decide on the skirt, the button up shirt and tie and the blazer. You pull on the black knee high socks and then a pair of shoes that go with it. When you're finished you go into the bathroom and quickly apply makeup, brush your teeth and your hair. When you walk out, you find Eliza standing by the door, surprisingly, without her frying pan.

"No cast iron pan today, Eliza?" You ask.

She shook her head. "Can't have it in class. Otherwise, I'll get in trouble."

You nodded and laughed a little. "I see. Come on. We need food and I need my schedule."

"Well then come on!" She said and walked out the door. You followed her. "Oh. Here." She handed you a key. "It's for the dorm. I forgot to give it to you yesterday."

"Or maybe you didn't forget and you hoped something like last night would have happened with me and Arthur?" You said in a mock suspicious voice, grinning.

"Oh sure. Because I can totally plan something like that happening." She said sarcastically.

You both laugh as she led the way down to the cafeteria where you were to get your breakfast. When you get there you are once again surprised at how big the room it. Then you notice the people, the enormous lunch line, and all the tables set up for eating. You and Eliza get on line and you notice that it's sectioned off, each section having traditional breakfast food for each country. After Eliza gets her breakfast food from the Hungarian section, she follows you as you walk through the line, deciding what to eat. Eventually you settle on the American section and get scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and pork roll. Once you have your food, Eliza leads you to a table where you notice have Gilbert, Ludwig, and Feli sitting. The two of you take a seat.

"Vell, vell, vell. Look who finally decided to join us." Gilbert said.

"Hey, Hey, whoa, whoa. Calm down Gil. I had a late night last night." You said.

He raised an eyebrow and grinned widely. "With Arthur? I saw the two of you leave together last night."

You feel your face heat up and hope to god no one noticed your blush. "N-no!" You stutter. "I-I fell asleep while he was walking me back! He ha-had to carry me back to my dorm, but I didn't have a key and Eliza wasn't back, so he sat me down and we fell asleep waiting for her!"

"Oh! So he kissed you good night when Eliza finally got there and woke you two up!" He said and cackled.

"No! H-he didn't!" You said.

"So you wanted him to kiss you didn't you, (name)."

"Gilbert, relax. Stop teasing her like you're her older brother." Came a voice from behind.

Everyone turned and saw Arthur with a tray of food as he took the seat next to you. You quickly turn your face away so he couldn't see your blush. Gilbert, seeing you looking away, shoots a look at Arthur that says that he is your brother and has a right to tease you whether or not you know you're related. Arthur rolls his eyes and takes a bite out of his scone. Finally, your blush subsides and you shovel eggs into your mouth before anyone can ask you questions or try to talk to you.

"Whoa there, (name). Only I have the skill to eat food like that."

You looked at and saw Alfred behind Gilbert, holding on his tray much of the same food as your tray. You swallowed the food in your mouth, nearly choking, but thankfully, you got it all down. Alfred sat down next to Gilbert.

"But I gotta give you props for trying." He said and grinned, giving you a thumbs up.

You shrug and take a bit of your bacon. "I'm learning, I guess."

"If you want good food, you should try this." Arthur said. "American food will make you fat eventually."

You turned to see Arthur holding out a half-eaten scone. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Gilbert grinning with is hands behind his head. You bite down a blush and look at Arthur. He's looking at you, somewhat expectantly. You swallow and lean over to take a bite. It didn't taste half bad. Maybe with a bit of butter or jelly, it could taste better.

"Not bad." You said. "Not bad at all."

Gilbert bursts out laughing and looks at you like he's about to say something. But before he could, Eliza picked up her already empty tray and hits him over the head with it, the tray snapping in half.

"Cool it, Gilbert. Next time it won't be with just a flimsy tray as this." Eliza said, looking positively evil.

After that, breakfast passed without a hitch. You got rid of your tray and the empty plates and you and Eliza headed towards the attendance office. When you get there, you get a schedule, a map of the school, and Eliza circled the places where your classes are and the best route to get there.

"Luckily, you have first period with me. So you at least know someone going to the class that you're going to." She said. "Come on. Before we are late."

You nod and the two of you walk to class. It was math first. Sadly, math isn't really your strongest subject so you had to ask Eliza to help explain things to you. She did patiently, and after a while, the bell rang for the next class. You said good bye to her and looked at your map to the next class. You followed the map, not paying attention to where you're going, so it wasn't surprising that you ran into someone just standing in the middle of the hallway. You look up and you see Alfred. Next to him you see something that was barely up to Alfred's waist with red eyes and its whole body was gray.

"Oh, Hey, (name)." he said. "Sorry. I shouldn't be standing in the middle of the hallway."

"I-is that an a-alien?" You said.

He looked at his side. "Oh, Tony? You betcha! I found him one day."

"Yeah. In a fake spaceship in some random town. I heard the official story was a weather balloon." Arthur said, walking up behind Alfred. "It's not even real."

"It's realer then your imaginary friends!" Alfred says in defense of his friend.

"Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't real." Arthur said.

Then the alien thing spoke. "Fucking Limey." It said in a high pitched and squeaky voice.

Arthur and Tony glared at each other and Alfred turned to you.

"So where are you headed now?" he asks.

You look at your schedule and then show it too him.

"Ah. Chemistry. Arty and I have that now, too. Maybe you and I can get paired up as partners." He said, grinning, and winked at you.

You shrug. "Maybe." You look at the time on your phone. "Don'tcha think we should get going? We might be late."

Arthur finally gave up in the staring fight and then looked at you. "That's probably a good idea."

Alfred shrugged "Well, let's go, then."

The three of you walked to the chemistry lab and then you took your seats, Arthur and Alfred on either side of you. You teacher started the lesson almost immediately. She handed out a packet of paper. She said it was supposed to be a lab that should be worked on in class over the week. She also handed out the assignments for lab partners. Instead of getting paired up with Alfred like he wanted, the teacher put you with Arthur and Alfred with Kiku Honda.

After the lab assignments were given out, the bell rang for the next class. You found out that Arthur also had the next class with you, which happened to be English class. Next up was art class and you had Feli in that with you, too. Following art was lunch and everyone assembled in the cafeteria. Then came gym. Eliza was in that class again with you, along with Gilbert. Then Gilbert walked you to your next class which he had as well, along with Ludwig. The class was History.  Arthur was also in the class, but you didn't find out until you there.

Gilbert, noticing, pushed you forward and made you take the seat next to him, while he sat on the other side and Ludwig sat in front.  Lastly came your language class. You chose to take Japanese, and in the class was Kiku. You kind of wondered why, considering he could already speak Japanese, but you didn't really bother asking. Instead the two of you chatted and joked, becoming good friends. He even agreed to tutor you if you ever needed help learning the language. After class the two of you walked out of the room together and he helped you find Eliza who was walking with Gilbert and Arthur. Arthur saw you and walked over, waving.

"Hello there, love." He said. "How was your first day here at Hetalia Academy?" he asked.

Then he regarded Kiku who bowed, and then said good bye, saying he was going to meet up with Feli and Ludwig. You both said good bye and then you turned to Arthur.

"It seemed like a pretty normal school day." You replied.

"I see, so you survived successfully then?"

You nod.

Little by little, you were starting to act more normal around Arthur. He seemed to have noticed so he was trying to make a point to start up a conversation with you every time he saw you. He thought it was because he was being a gentleman and that he wanted to be your friend. But other people like Gilbert and Eliza had something else in mind. Luckily, he was good at ignoring what annoying people thought.

"That's good. So how about we—" he didn't get to finish his sentence before Gilbert walked out, Ludwig in tow.

"Hey there, (name)! The awesome me has arrived!" He said. "Und seeing that you survived day one at school, I decided to take it upon myself to take you out to celebrate."

"Do you really think taking her to a bar is the best idea, Gilbert." Arthur said.

"Who said anything about a bar, Arty?" He said. "Und that's Mr. Awesome to you, Brit."

You sighed. "How about we get Eliza and Feli and we all go out." You suggested.

The boys thought it over and Arthur gave in first. Gilbert on the other hand, argued.

"Aw, come on, (name), why not just hang out vith mein bruder und I?" he whined. "So ve can get to know our schw—ow." He was cut out by a firm smack on the back by Ludwig. "Come on, please, (name)! It'll mean the vorld to my and mein bruder."

You sighed. "No. Come on. Sides, if what Arthur said was right, I don't think I'd enjoy going to a bar."

Eventually he gave in and the four of you looked for Eliza and Feli. Eventually you found them talking happily to each other, with Alfred listening and adding some loud input every so often. You told them the plan and you both set out to town to hang out together.
Well, I have been worn down, having been asked and begged to post up the new chapter. so, i decided that i would give in and post it. however. i wont give in the next time. haha. what fun would that give me, huh? haha. so, here is chapter three. Enjoy it!!

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: [link]
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Chapter 10: EVENTUALLY!
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