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January 22, 2013
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Please Read the Description at the bottom. I have a question for all you who read this story and plan to continue reading it in the future.
Thank you!!!

Days past and you still found it hard to look Arthur in the eyes. And of course, Eliza's suggestive stares and Gilberts teasing didn't help your cause either. At breakfast and lunch he would still sit with you and everyone else, and he was still your lab partner in Chemistry, so you still interacted with Arthur, but as the days past, it just got harder and harder to look at him. Ever since the "not date" and what Eliza had said that night when you got back.

One day in chemistry, weeks after that night with Arthur, he talked to you while you were doing a lab.

"(Name)?" He said.

"Hm?" you reply, concentrating on measuring the right amount of certain acid to put into a slightly stronger base.

"Did I… did I say something to make you mad at me?" He asked, looking at the lab packet.

You blink and looked at him, forgetting about the acid. "What do you mean?"

"Did I make you mad at me? With something that I said or did." He said again.

"Wha-no. No, you didn't, Arthur." You replied. "Why?"

He shook his head. "No reason. Just… wondering."

Unknown to you, you were still pouring the acid into the test tub, and while you were looking at him, searching his face looking for the real answer, the test tube over flowed and the acid spilled onto your hand and started burning. You shouted out in pain.

"(Name)!" Arthur shouted and grabbed the graduated cylinder of the base that would cancel it out and bumped it on to your hand, in hopes that it would stop burning.

The teacher ran over and grabbed you by the arm and pulled you over to the sink, running cold water over it. The teacher turned to Arthur.

"Take her to the nurse." She ordered.

He nodded. And Alfred looked up.

"I'm going too." He said.

The teacher shook her head. "No. Stay here and do your own lab, Mr. Jones." She said.

The teacher turned off the water and Arthur walked over and put his hands on your shoulders and turned you around. You were staring wide-eyed at your hand as you cradled it to your chest. Arthur led you to the nurse, never taking his hands away from your shoulders. When you got to the nurse, Arthur explained what had happened, leaving out the part where he broke your concentration.

"Come here. Take a seat, sweetie." She said and she examined the burn. "It was quick thinking of you to your that base on her hand before it got to bad, Mr. Kirkland."

Arthur shrugged. "It was the right thing to do." He tried to blow it off.

The nurse nodded and then wrapped up your hand after putting some aloe on it. She wrapped it up tight and once. Luckily, it didn't too bulky, but you also couldn't close your hand all the way. You smiled at the nurse and then you and Arthur walked back to class.

You sighed. "Well this is just great. Less then a week until my birthday and I can't even manage to not get myself hurt."

"I'm sorry." Arthur said. "It's my fault you got that burn."

You looked at him and shrugged. "No it's not. I shouldn't have lost focus."

He looked back at you and gave you a small smile. "Thanks, for saying that, even though you know it's not true."

"If you feel so strongly about it, then you'll just have to make up for it on my birthday." You said and giggled.

He chuckled. "Then I guess I'll have to make your birthday the best yet."

"You're on, Eyebrows." You grin. "I'd like to see what you come up with for my gift."

The two of you walked back into class. The teacher, however, didn't let you finish up the lab and said that she'd give the two of you time the next day to finish it, since you burned your hand. Soon after, the bell rang and you said goodbye to Alfred and went off to class with Arthur, talking to him happily about past birthdays.

Arthur's POV

He was freaking out. He had all but completely forgotten about your birthday. And he still had no idea what he was going to get you. He didn't even know what you would have wanted. After all the classes were over, he tracked down Hungary, hoping that he could get some idea of what you would want from her. He searched the entire campus, almost tripping over Canadia twice in the process. Eventually he found her behind one of the buildings with Prussia, talking about something that he couldn't hear.

As soon as he got to them, Prussia and Hungary looked up at him and immediately stopped talking. Prussia looked angry for some reason.

"What were you talking about?" England asked.

"Nothing." Prussia and Hungary said in unison.

"Ookk…"England replied and looked at Hungary. "I need to ask you something."

She looked at Prussia. "Sure."

"I would much prefer that we speak about this matter without Prussia listening in," He replied and glared at the white haired, red eyed boy that stood next to Hungary.

Hungary looked at Prussia and nodded. He sighed, gave her a look that England couldn't read, and then walked off.

"Whatcha need, England?" She asked.

He sighed. "I don't know what I should get (name) for her birthday. I have less than a week and I still have absolutely no idea."

Hungary thought for a moment. "You could give her yourself." She said with a grin on her face.

"What's that supposed to mean?" England asked, a little taken back with Hungary's suggestion.

She shrugged. "Give yourself to her. Say you'll be her faithful lap dog for a week. That could be her gift."

He sighed. "Absolutely not!"

"Why not? She'd like that." Hungary replied with a smirk.

"I would be able to get better suggestions from the frog." England said, referring to France.

"Then why don't you go ask him?" Hungary said.

"I probably should have!" he started to turn around.

"England. Wait. Why don't you tell her what she is?" Hungary said. "She already knows Prussia and Germany are her brothers. Why can't you just tell her the rest of the truth? That would probably be the best gift."

England sighed. "You know why I can't do that."

"I know…"Hungary said. "But if she should learn the truth, it better be you that tells her." Hungary sighed. "Oh, and by the way. Prussia and I are throwing her a party, so don't try to throw her one too. Got it?"

England waved his hand in dismissal and walked away, to his surprise, to find France. He found him by rose bush, kneeling down, pruning the flowers.

France heard England's footsteps and turned to look at the Englishman. "Ohonhonhonhon. To what do I owe this pleasure, England?"

England looked to the side. "I uh… need help."

"Let me guess. You forgot about a certain someone's birthday and now you don't know what to get her, am I correct?" He asked.

"H-how did you know?" England stuttered.

"Your blush tells me the whole story, mon ami." France said.

England sighed. "Well are you going to help me or not?"

"I see no reason why I shouldn't. But then again, watching you crash and burn so I can swoop in and woo the pretty mademoiselle also would not hurt." The Frenchman said, thinking about whether or not he should help the Englishman.

"Well, frog, are you going to help me or not?" England asked, getting impatient.

"I will if you stop calling me 'frog' for a week." France said.

"Fine. Deal. Just help me." The Englishman replied.

"Well what does (name) like?" France asked.

"Well… erm… I'm not really sure." England replied, looking away.

"That isn't very helpful, mon ami. You aren't giving me much to work with here." The other boy said.

"I was thinking that I just do something generic. Something simple." Arthur explained.

"Well, that's good, if you're looking to stay friends forever." France told him. "But, something tells me that's not exactly what you want, am I right, Angleterre?"

England didn't answer and looked away.

"Ah, I see. So you do care for this fille." France said.

England couldn't answer again.

"Well then your gift should be something that she truly likes. Something that speaks to her, tells her you care for her, shows her that you listen to her when she talks." France said. "And a rose with all of that couldn't hurt. And when all else fails, you could try showing her your butt, Monsieur Angleterre."

England sighed in exasperation. "I will not show her any of that." He rubbed his forehead. The two of you had been friends since you got here and he didn't even know what you liked. He was such a loser. "I don't even know what kind of things she likes."

"You suck. How could you not know a single thing this girl likes! You two seemed almost inseparable when she first got here." France sighed and shook his head.

"Well, believe it or not, she hasn't looked at me in the eye for quite some time."

"Is that so…" France replied. "Well, then, I'm going to give you a little homework assignment, mon ami."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" England asked.

"I want you to try to wheedle out some things that (name) likes or is interested in." France demanded. "You have four days to figure out this information and get back to me. Once you do, you and I will go into town and get her gift, deal?" he smirked. "And don't think you'll be alone in the endeavor. I see no harm in trying to figure this out myself."

"Why would you want to know this stuff?" England said.

"Well, mon ami, I'm glad you asked. If there's ever a chance that I get to steal her from you, I might just take it, and I'll need this sort of information to be able to do it effectively." France said and winked, grinning.

England glared. "Don't even think about it, wanker. She's mine."

"We'll meet back here. Four days, don't be late, and don't come empty handed." France grinned. "Then may the better man win, Angleterre."
Ok. the reason i wanted all of you to read this when you finished with this chapter was because i have a question for you. What are somethings you all like? it can be anything. and if i get enough of the same answer, and maybe ill chose some bazaar answer as well to make it more interesting. Just please, please, tell me something that you all like, something that could be turned into your ideal birthday gift from england. it would be a great help.

once again. for those of you who faved this story or any of the previous chapters or watched my page, please read this link if you havent already, its my way of saying thanks to everyone when i cant do it more personally then in a journal entry.

[link] <--- read this.

Im now open to take any requests For Reader Inserts for hetalia or any anime that i may have read or watched. so just ask, comment on my page, asking, or ask on here, or what have you. Im open to any suggestion and i would welcome the challange. so come at me bro! haha.

Also, thank you all so much for reading chapter 6!

On another note. I must say that... sadly, i wont post chapter seven up untill after my highschool midterms and after i finish my portfolio for my college application. but as soon as next week is over, maybe even this weekend, hopefully, ill have Chapter 7 up. and then after midterms, ill post up chapter 8 and 9. im sorry!!!!! i know it sucks. but so does getting a D in AP Psychology. lol. and not getting into a college i wanna go to because of a lack of portfolio. yyeeaahh. sorry for the sudden bad news. but it wont last long, i promise!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: You're here. Enjoy!!!
Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 8: Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: EVENTUALLY!
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