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January 26, 2013
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You woke up the morning of your birthday late. It felt wonderful to sleep in. You were well rested and rearing to go. And what was better was it was your birthday. You yawned and ruffled through your drawers to find something nice to wear, and since it wasn’t a school day, you would wear whatever you wanted. As you were ruffling through your dresser drawers, you came across an envelope. Make that two.

One of the letters was from Eliza, telling you to go to the gym at four that afternoon and to meet Gilbert and Ludwig by the gates of the school as soon as she read that. The second one was from Arthur. You could tell because his handwriting was unmistakable.

You opened the envelope. Inside you saw a handmade card. On the front was a picture of, what the caption and arrow underneath it said, Flying Mint Bunny, wishing you a happy birthday. You though it was cute and smiled. When you opened the card, two tickets fell to the floor. You knelt down and picked them up. It was two concert tickets to go see (favorite band) in concert. You smiled. Then you looked at the inside of the card. It read:


Inside this card are two concert tickets to go see (favorite band). You have the power to pick who you would like to go with you. The concert is in a few weeks, so you'd better choose fast. Just letting you know.
Also, if you think that’s the extent of your gift, you're sadly mistaken. There's still more to it. And I'll be happy to give it to you. You'll just have to wait a little bit. But, even though I know you're going to love it, I also hope it makes your birthday the best birthday yet.

Yours Truly,
Arthur Kirkland

P.S. That’s my favorite band, too. Just to let you know.

You smiled as you read the note, laughing at Arthur's P.S. So he wanted you to take him. Maybe you would. You put the letters from both Arthur and Eliza on the top of your dresser, standing them up. Then you finished getting ready for the day to meet up with your brothers. When you opened your door, about to walk out, you felt your foot hit a box.

You looked down and saw three things wrapped in wrapping paper. You picked them up. One had a rose taped to it, so you guessed it was from Francis. The other two had cards on them. You opened them and you found out they were from your parents. They sent you two different gifts… why? You opened up the gifts and your heart fell. They sent you the same thing. The same (gift). They didn’t both get you something different or only send you one thing… something was seriously wrong with that.

You sighed and decided that, since it was your birthday, you would just try to ignore it and think about something else. So you decided to open Francis's gift. You pulled the rose off the package and smelled it. You smiled and laid it on your pillow. Then you started tearing at the wrapping paper. You were left with a box. You quickly scrambled around for something sharp to cut the tape that closed it. But, you couldn’t find anything but the key to the room, so you just used that. Inside the box were the latest volumes of (Your favorite book/manga that’s not Hetalia). You smiled. It was nice of him to get you that.

You put the gifts on your bed and then walked out the door to meet Gilbert and Ludwig at the gates of the school like Eliza told you too. You found saw Gilbert first. He was dressed it what looked like a dark blue military uniform. You wondered why. Then you noticed that he had a yellow bird flying around his head. He was talking to Ludwig, who was also dressed in a military uniform similar to Gilbert's, only a lighter blue color.

"Gilbert! Ludwig!" You called to them as you joined them.

"Hallo, (name)." Ludwig said.

"It's nice of you to finally join your awesome Prussian brother und your slightly less awesome German brother." Gilbert said. The bird flying around his head landed on the top of it and squawked, pecking Gilbert's head once.

"It seems that your bird wants an introduction too, Gil." You said and laughed.

"Vell, in that case. This is the totally awesome Gilbird." Gilbert said and took the bird off his head into his hands and offered him to you. "Here, hold him. Though, remember. I'm only letting you hold him because you're almost as awesome as me!"

You laughed and took Gilbird in your hands. He felt so soft and warm. And he was so adorable!

"So you named your bird after yourself, aye?" you said, you decided to put Gilbird on your head like you saw him on your brothers.

"Well, ja! How could I not! I'm the epitome of awesome, so just because he's named after me means that he's just as awesome as me!" Gilbert said.

"Are we going to be leaving soon? We only have so long to get her a gift." Ludwig said.

"Oh, ja, right, right." Gilbert said. "Vell, come on then!"

Gilbert walked out of the gates and you and Ludwig followed him. Your brothers led you around town, saying that you could buy whatever you wanted as your gift, something from both of them. you passed so many stores, looking at so many things that you would have wanted, buy you just couldn’t decide what you wanted the most. Eventually you settled on (Prussia's gift) from Gilbert and (Germany's gift) From Ludwig.

When you finally picked out the gifts, Gilbert tried to persuade you to go to a bar. But you didn’t want to, and when you looked at your phone for the time, you saw that it was twenty minutes to four. You told your brothers and they exchanged looked, and quickly, Gilbert forgot about the bar and got you back to the school as fast as he and Ludwig could.

"Ve can't be late to the gym. Eliza vill hurt me." Gilbert said.

Ludwig had disappeared from the two of you just as you got to the gates, saying that he was going to do on ahead because he had to ask Feliciano something. So that just left you and Gilbert.

"Don’t worry, I'll tell her that it was my fault, I'll tell her that I took too long to decide what I wanted." You told him.

Gilbert gave you a smile. "Danke."

"Don’t mention it. What are sisters for?" You said, laughing.

The two of you finally reached the gym. He opened the door for you and you walked in. All the lights were turned off and it was pitch dark except for the light that was coming through the door, but it still wasn’t enough to see anything. Gilbert walked in behind you and went to the light switches. You closed your eyes at the sudden exposure to light, and opened them just a quickly.

As you opened them, everyone you met at the school jumped out from their hiding places and yelled "Surprise!" at the top of their longs. You gasps, covering your mouth with your hands. This was amazing. You've never had a surprise party before. You'd always wanted one, and this was exactly how you imagined one would be.

You started laughing. "Oh, my god guys. Thank you!" you didn’t know what else to say.

Eliza walked up to you, Arthur, Ludwig, Feliciano, and Alfred following behind her. She smiled and hugged you.

"Happy birthday, (name)!" she said. Then she whispered in your ear. "This is only half of my gift. The other half will come later on."

She stepped back and grinned. Before you could ask what she meant, Feli ran up and glomped you. You nearly toppled over, but you hugged him back.

"Buon compleanno!" he said.

You laughed. "Thank you, Feli!"

Alfred was the next one to hug you, he glomped you, too, with Feli still holding on to you. "Happy birthday, dudette!" he said. "I hope you like the cake, I made it myself!"

Your cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling too much. "Did you really? Well I can't wait to see it."

Ludwig walked up and plucked Feli and Alfred off by the collar of their shirts. "Let her breathe."

You smiled at your brother and looked at Arthur. He smiled at you and mouthed "Happy Birthday, love." To be honest, you kind of wished that he would have hugged you, too. But you let it go.

"Well, come on, (name)! Let's go greet your guests!" Eliza said.

With that, she led you around the gym, you greeted guests and said "Thank you for coming" and "Thank you, so much" when they wished you happy birthday. Once you greeted all the guys, Eliza stood up on a box and called out to the crowd.

"Anyone who wants to play spin the bottle or Dare or Double Dare. We're starting now!" She called out.

She led you to an empty corner and grinned. She sat you down, her sitting on one side of you. On the other side, Arthur sat down. Eventually a circle filled out with your friends; Feli, Ludwig, Gilbert, Alfred, and Francis. Then the Five Nordic boy sat down too; Tino, Berwald, Mathais, Emil, and Lucas. Also came the Baltic State Boys; Ravis, Eduard, and Toris. Then the last people who came were Ivan, Katyusha, Natalia and Roderich.

"Well, seeing that everyone who is going to join us is here, let's get the game started. Dare or Double Dare first!" Eliza said and grinned. "Whoever's turn it is spins the bottle and that’s who they dare. Spin to see who goes first."

She spun the bottle and it landed on Gilbert. He grinned.

"Vell, vell, vell. Let's see how this vill go." He grinned and spun the bottle. It landed on Ivan. "Dare or Double Dare?"

"I'll go double dare, da?" he said.

Gilbert grinned evilly. "Then… kiss Natalia."

Ivan's eyes widened. "N-no! Not that! Anything but that!"

He looked genuinely afraid. Of his sister no less. And you took Ivan as the kind of guy who did the scaring, not the one getting scared. You saw Natalia grin. Ivan kept refusing, but Natalia ended up kissing him. Once that was done, she went back to holding onto his arm. Then Ivan spun the bottle. It landed on Eliza. She asked for dare. She was told to make out with Roderich in front of everyone else for three minutes. She shrugged, not a big deal for her, the Roderich seemed to get a little frustrated. Once the deed was done, Eliza sat down again, spinning the bottle. This time, it landed on you and you were absolutely terrified for some reason, but still, when asked, you said double dare, not backing down, not showing any weakness.

"I dare you to do Seven Minutes in Heaven with…" she grinned evilly and your heart sped up, "Arthur."

You felt your face heat up. She stood up, pulling you up with her, and Alfred got Arthur up. You couldn’t see his face, and you were afraid to look, you didn’t want him to see how red your face was.

Eliza bent down and whispered in your ear. "This is the other half of my gift to you."

Eliza and Alfred pushed you and Arthur into one of the locker rooms and locked the door. You tripped, falling to the ground because Eliza pushed you to hard. You caught yourself with your hands before you face planted. You got up and just sat on the floor, too embarrassed to look at Arty.

"Well those two certainly were forceful." Arthur said.

You didn’t respond, you didn’t know what to say, then Arthur walked up to you and knelt down. He put a hand on your back.

"You ok, (name)? You fell pretty hard."

You just nodded.

"Well, come on, stand up. The floor can't be all the comfortable." He told you, helping you up. "Well, I guess now is as good a time as any…" He muttered to himself. "(Name), will you do me the honor or meeting me by the lake behind the History building after the party? I want to give you the second half of your gift there."

You looked at him, into his beautiful emerald green eyes. "O-ok." You replied.

He smiled at you. "Thank you." He said and looked at the door. "Well, I suppose we had better give them a show, Eliza and the lot of them are probably looking in on us at this very moment." He said and stepped closed to you.

You face went from tomato red to blood red in a matter of milliseconds. You felt Arthur put one of his arms around your waist, and the other hand on your cheek.

"I apologize in advance if you don’t want me to do this." He murmured.

He turned your face up and leaned in to kiss you. When his lips met yours, you closed your eyes, giving in. You were both kind of apprehensive and then the two of you just let go, letting the kiss take control. You reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in his hair. When you broke apart, both of your faces were the same shade of red and you were both grinning. Eliza came in second's letter, grinned at the two of you, and ushered you out.

The two of you took your places back in the circle. Gilbert didn’t stop glaring and Arthur the entire time the game was played. After Dare or Double Dare, you bowed out and walked around the party. You talked to some of the other people and you saw the cake that Alfred said he brought along. It was freaking huge. It had several layers and was some really outlandish colors for a cake like neon blue and pink, there was some yellow, red, whites, and blues, you guessed because, since he was American, he was trying to represent his country in his cake.

As you admired the cake, you heard Alfred's voice. "So, do I get a kiss too?"

You turned around and smiled at him. You saw him grinning, like he was joking. You didn’t answer and he burst out laughing.

"Don’t worry, I'm kidding, I'm kidding." He said. "Being the hero is reward enough.

"Did you and Eliza plan that together?" You asked him.

"Sure did!" he said. "Even though Arthur and I are at each other's  throats often, doesn’t mean I don’t want him to be happy." He smiled, his blue eyes shining behind his glasses.

"You really are a good friend, Alfred." You said, smiling, and hugged him.

He hugged you back. "I'm the hero. It's what I do."

You laughed. After everyone was finished playing spin the bottle, you had cake and everyone made you open your presents. Arthur kept giving you secret smiles and glancing at you as you were the center of attention. You started to feel your shyness towards him come back, but you tried to hide it as best you could. After you opened every ones presents, the party started to die down a bit and everyone started leaving. When almost everyone, (including Arthur, he had told you that he was going to go to the lake) was gone except your friends, which now included Tino, Berwald, Mathais, Emil, and Lucas, you bowed out to go find Arthur.

You went behind the History building where Arthur told you the lake was. You found him standing by the shore and walked up to him.

"You know, that was a very cute picture of the Flying Mint Bunny." You said, standing next to him, looking out at the still water.

He turned to you and smiled. "Thanks, I tried."

The two of you were silent for a bit, just staring out and the crystal-like water of the lake. Then Arthur finally spoke.

"So, erm… this other half of the present I mentioned…" He handed you a small wrapped box and handed it to you. "I know it's probably not much. But, I thought you'd like it."

You took the box and carefully ripped off the wrapping paper. What you were left with was a small brown wooden box. It had intricate designs painted on it. You thought it was beautiful.

"It was hand crafted in my country, also hand painted. I thought you would have like it, so, I got it for you." He said.  "Open it."

You nodded and did as he told you to. The first thing you hear was music, it was a song that you didn’t recognize. You looked at Arthur.

"It’s a song I wrote for you and recorded in the music room." He said and smiled sheepishly.

You smiled and felt like crying. It was so beautiful and thoughtful. You were so happy. No one has ever done something like this for you. Then you noticed something else. Something that glinted in the moon light. You spotted a chain and pulled it up. It was a gold necklace and the pendant you noticed was a small golden heart, a locket.

"You can put two pictures of whatever you want in there." Arthur said and gently took it from your hands.

He got behind you and put it around your neck. He pulled you (h/c) hair out from under the chain so the necklace rested on your neck. As he put it on, you started to cry.  He turned you around, and noticed you crying. His face twisted with worry.

"What's wrong, love? Is everything ok? Did I do anything?" He asked rapidly.

You shook your head. "N-no. Nothing's wrong, Arthur." You said. "I'm just so happy. This was the best birthday ever. Thank you so much. You’re the most thoughtful person I could ever hope to know. Thank you so much for my gifts. I love them."

He smiled. "I knew you would."

He pulled you into a hug, holding you tightly. When he pulled back, he leaned in.

"Happy Birthday, love." He said and kissed you.
Ok, well it took me a few hours to write this. And that was me rushing. I know this chapter is kind of long. But youll find out a lot of things. youll find out englands gift, hungary's gift, and you also meet someone else. ohohohohoh. who would that be! Read and find out!!

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Chapter 8: The Awesome Prussia Delivered!!!
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Chapter 10: EVENTUALLY!
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