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March 14, 2013
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A week after Arthur and his crew met up with Vash's crew, the repairs to the ship were completed. He hoped that he would be able to take the ship of the BTT soon before you started to lose hope. He turned to look at Vash.

"They most likely decided to make a pit stop in either France, Spain, or Germany." He told the long blonde haired man.

"And what makes you so sure about that?" Vash said.

Arthur gave him a look that said You have got to be kidding me right now. But out loud he said, "I've been hunting and tracking the BTT ever since my early days as a pirate. I think I know them better than they do. Know your enemy, they say."

Vash eyes the Brit, still completely unsure if he could be trusted. Eventually, after Arthur's I'm right stare, Vash gave in.

"All right, fine. Hopefully we get (name) soon before the BTT do anything to her." Vash said.

"Yeah." Arthur muttered. I'm not going to let them lay a hand on her again, he added as an afterthought.

You're POV

Another week past. Another week of hell. You were so close to just giving up and jumping overboard and letting the current have you. Worst of all, the dream was getting clearer and it scares you more and more.

After another day of dinner with the BTT, Francis's constant flirting and Antonio's nice guy façade, and Gilbert's air of asshole, you retreated to your room for the night. You were afraid to go to sleep now. You were afraid that you would remember what happen to you.

You lay down in the bed and stared at the ceiling. Eventually you heard the door open. You turned your head up and saw that it was Gilbert. He was standing in the doorway, looking at you.

"Hello zere, frau." He said.

You simply glared.

He walked in and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I know you probably hate me."

You gave him a face that said, Really, now, dumbass.

He shrugged off the look and continued. "But you need to know somezing. Just because Arthur had you first, doesn’t mean you’re his." He looked you in the eyes. "I claimed you before he kidnapped you und took you aboard his ship."

You looked at Gilbert with an expression of disbelief.

"It's true, liebe." He said. "Und you vill realize zis soon."

He placed a kiss on your forehead before he got up and left the room. You glared at the back of the Prussians head as he walked away. When he was gone, you laid back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Eventually you fell into the darkness of sleep.

But it wasn’t at all blissful.


You awoke on a bed that seemed to be swaying form side to side. You looked around the room and saw that you weren’t in your room back at the palace… Where were you? You sat up in the bed. You looked down at your clothes and saw that you were still in your night gown from home.

You had another dream about your time back at the orphanage with Arthur. You missed him. You wondered what he was up to. Did his dream come true? Was he going to come back for you like he promised he would?

You heard the door to the room creak open for three men walked into the room. One had silver hair and red eyes. The second man has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a small beard on his chin and jar line. The third man had brown hair and green eyes. They advanced on you.

"I'm glad your finally awake, fräulein." The silver haired man said in a German accent.

"H-huh? What do you mean?" You asked.

"Well, chica, we heard from a certain someone about a beautiful girl he knew when he was young. We had to make sure what he was saying was true, so we found you." The brunette asked, his Spanish accent showing through in his English.

"Oui." The blonde said. "And what do you know, he was right."

"I don’t understand what you mean." You said to the men.

"Kesesesese." The Prussian hissed. "Ve are going to make you ours, frau."

You stared at the men, first in confusion, then in comprehension as you began to understand what they mean. They were going to defile you.

"B ze vay, I am Gilbert, this here," he motioned to the Spaniard, "Is Antonio, and this is Francis." He pointed to the Frenchman. "Just in case you feel the need to scream something." He gave you a grin filled with pure primal lust.

You were scared. "N-no. Why me?" You got out.

"If you want to blame anyone, blame Arthur Kirkland." Gilbert said. "This is his fault."

With that, he pushed you down on the bed and with the help of his friends, he started taking off your clothing. His mouth caught yours in a rough kiss. The other two ended up pulling apart your nightgown and started fondling you. You tried to push Gilbert off of you and scream for help, but it wouldn’t happen.

Eventually, when Gilbert needed air, he pulled back. The moment his mouth left yours, you started screaming bloody murder. You got out the words "Help me" as loud as you could. But before you could get anything else out, Gilbert covered your mouth with your hand.

"Ve'll have none of zat, frau." He said. "Ve don’t vant to disturb ze ozzer crew members."

He was about to tie something around your mouth so that you wouldn’t be able to scream again when you heard the door slam open. The four of you all turned your heads and saw the golden blonde hair and brilliant emerald green eyes that belonged to none other than your Arthur Kirkland.

He looked so much more handsome then you remember from back when the two of you were children. He still has some one his awkward teenage lank, though, he barely looked like he was no more than eighteen years old, while you were fifteen at the time. He was a sight for sore eyes.

"It's a bit too late to not disturb the crew, captain. What exactly are you doing in here?" He said, not noticing you at first. "What the bloody hell is going on in here?"

That was when he noticed you. His eyes widened when he saw Gilbert on top of you and Francis and Antonio around you, you devoid of clothing. His shocked expression quickly changed to one of rage. Rage directed at the three men who were about to rape you.

"What is the meaning of this?" He said, his glare trained on the leader.

"Vat do you mean, Arthur?" Gilbert said. "I'm just examining this frau. I had to make sure for myself zat she vas as beautiful as you said she vas."

"I never would have said anything if I knew you were going to take her and do this to her!" He shouted. "I thought you understood that she was already betrothed to me!"

"I do understand. But she can alvays decide if she vants to be vith somevone different after so many years." Gilbert said.

As Gilbert was talking, you looked at Arthur with a look of absolute pleading. You wanted him to save him, wanted him to take her away, back home or away with him like he promised. Arthur seemed to notice and his glare intensified.

"Let her go, Captain Beilschmidt." He said with a steely voice.

Gilbert looked at his companions and nodded towards you. Antonio and Francis. The two grabbed you by your arms and pulled you so you were sitting on your knees. Gilbert got off of the bed and stood in front of his crew member.

"Make me." He said.

Arthur's glare never weakened as he drew his sword and wielded it against his captain. "I plan on it."


You shot up in bed, a hand over your heart and breathing deeply, a soundless scream escaping your throat. That’s what happened. That’s what you didn’t remember… but… what happened after Arthur drew his sword? Why did you forget? You wanted these answers.

You wished Arthur was here to tell you the rest…
Well, you finally find out what happened to you three years ago. all of your memory is back!!! Tho, i think i might through in one other twist. mwahahahahahahahaha.

Chapter 1: [link]
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Chapter 10: You were nearly raped. How do you feel?
Chapter 11: [link]
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