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April 15, 2013
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Arthur's POV

Two weeks. Two bloody weeks of sailing the ocean. Two weeks without so much of a hint as to where the BTT was. Arthur and his crew were on their way to Spain where Arthur assumed the BTT would be going first. He banged his hands on the rail of the ship in frustration.

Luckily, however, his wound was healing nicely. There was still a faint pain from it from time to time and he still had to keep it covered, but it was no longer bleeding or was as debilitating as it was before. All thought, it was rather annoying when the pain flared.

He had so much he needed to pay back to Gilbert Beilschmidt. He growled low in his throat and turned around, leaning back against the rail. He took off his hat and ran a hand through his messy golden blonde hair. Each day that past just got the Brit more and more frustrated, angry, and made his fuse shorter and shorter. He was reaching his wits end.


Arthur looked up to see Alfred walking over to him. "What is it?"

Alfred grinned. "We've caught up to them." he said and pointed. "Off the port side."

Arthur kicked off the nail and looked where his American first mate had directed. Lo and behold, the ship with three flags sailed along the horizon. Arthur felt and evil grin spread across his face.

"Does Vash know?" Arthur said.

"He was the one who pointed it out."

"Set a course for that ship. Today we get (name) back."

You're POV

The nightmare kept coming back to you every night when you slept. You voice hadn’t come back either. You didn’t mind so much, mostly because it sure seemed to piss Gilbert off.

It was the first day of the second month you’ve been a "guest" on "Captain" Bielschmidt's ship and you hadn’t left your room yet. It was almost noon and you heard a commotion coming from the deck. Wondering what was going on, you scrambled out of bed, pulling on your boots and ran topside. Once you threw the door open you saw all of the chaos. Gilbert's crew was fighting another crew. Everything was moving so fast and was so loud that it confused you.

You felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You looked up and saw the blood read eyes of your captor, Gilbert. You struggled against his strong arms, trying to free yourself, shooting the man your iciest glare.

"You shouldn’t be out here, fräulein." He said.

You just kept struggling. Gilbert started to pull you back inside of the ship. You frantically looked around the deck, hoping to find something you could useful, or that the pirates Gilbert's crew was fighting would help you.

As you were looking around, you caught a glimpse of a red coat with black trim fighting in the fray. You stared at the figure, seeing his messy golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes filled with rage, and eyebrows. It was Arthur. But… he was dead… wasn’t he?

"Ar…thur…" You said. You blinked. You spoke! You actually spoke! You gathered up your voice, taking a deep breath and screamed at the top of your lungs. "ARTHUR!!"

Arthur didn’t look up until he had successfully run his opponent through, pulling the blood soaked blade out of his enemies body. Then he turned to look at you, rushing towards you.

"(Name)!" He called, his expression of murderous rage softened a bit when he saw you.

However, it slowly turned back into rage when he saw who was holding you. He glared again and held up the bloodied sword, straight at gilbert.

"Let her go, Beilschmidt." Arthur said with a steely voice

"Not on your life, Kirkland." Gilbert replied.

You glared at Gilbert. "Let me go."

"Not a chance, frau. Not after you finally started talking again." He said.

You growled and stomped on his foot. He flinched but not enough for you to break free. He muttered some curses in German and turned you around to yell. As he opened his mouth, you rammed your knee into his vital regions, his "awesome five meters" taking a direct hit. Instead of the yelling and new string of curses, only a high picked screech of pain escaped Gilbert's mouth. He arms slackened and you pushed yourself out of his grasp and to Arthur's side.

While Gilbert was writhing in pain. Arthur lowered his sword and looked over you quickly. When he deemed you were unharmed, he gave you a tight hug.

"I'm so glad you're okay." He murmured.

"I thought you were dead." You said and buried your face in his chest.

"It'll take more than a simple flesh wound to kill me." He said and let go of you.

"Oi! I'm still here arschlöcher." Gilbert said when he finally composed himself.

"Don’t think I forgot about you, Gilbert, I still owe you a few things." Arthur said and pulled a second sheath from his belt. He reached over and handed it to you. "I'm sure you want some justice as well, love."

You took the sword in your hand and fixed the sheath on your back where it was before you were captured. Then you drew the sword. "I would love nothing more."

The two of you advanced, but he only grinned. "Antonio, Francis!" He called.

The two other members of the BTT joined the mesh. Arthur grinned and then he whistled. Within seconds, Alfred was standing beside you, as well as a new comer who was on the other side of Arthur. You looked past him and saw Vash. You jaw dropped. Sadly, any questions as to why he was there would have to wait.

"Tch…" Gilbert said. "Arthur is mine!"

The BTT charged at you, Arthur, Alfred and Vash. You and Arthur took on Gilbert while Alfred took on Antonio and Vash attacked the Frenchie. You focused on Gilbert because you knew that if you didn’t, you would be lying in a pool of your own blood.

Gilbert stared down Arthur and yourself. The two of you glared back. Gilbert lunged at Arthur, sword straight out. Arthur parried and side stepped, Gilbert stumbling forward. Once again, you were left on the side lines, watching as the two fought, not knowing when to enter the fight and helped. Even though Arthur had handed you a sword and offered your chance at justice, you didn’t think you would be getting it with his white hot rage and Gilbert's desire to stay alive. As you watched you saw blood blossom on both men. They were equally matched when Arthur wasn’t distracted.

You took the time to look around and saw that Alfred had already subdued Antonio and had him hogties, grinning. Vash had also finished off Francis, tying the French bastard to the Spanish one. But he didn’t stay back. He went back to fight the rest of the crew or give an order to his men, you didn’t know, and you didn’t care.

You averted your attention back to the fight with Gilbert and Arthur, staying out of their way so that you wouldn’t get hurt. You watched as Gilbert tried to kick Arthur down. Arthur dodged and grabbed the Prussian's foot and twisted it around and over his head, making the albino man fall down on his arse. He was about to stand up when Arthur put his booted foot down on Gilbert's chest, pushing him down. You got closer to the two. Arthur was glaring at Gilbert with a rage that you didn’t know he would be capable of. You didn’t know who this Arthur was. You’ve never seen him this angry before except in that dream.

Arthur was about to plunge his sword into Gilberts chest when you put your hand on his arm and looked at him sadly, shaking your head.

"This isn’t who you are, Artie." You said.

His rage slowly melted away and he lowered his sword. "Alfred! Give me some of that rope!"

Alfred ran over with some extra rope and the two tied up the Prussian. When he was secure with the hemp, they moved him over with the other two. It didn’t take long for the crew to notice that their captains were captured and that they lost this fight and they dropped their swords. Arthur's crew let out a victory yell.

Arthur sheathed his sword and pulled you into his arms tightly, nuzzling his head in your neck. You held him and rubbed his back until he let go. When he stood up straight he put a hand on your cheek and leaned in. Your lips were about to touch when you felt Arthur's hand being ripped from your face. You opened your eyes and stared at the sight before you.

"Arthur Kirkland, you are under arrest for crimes against the state." Vash said, locking the iron shackles around the wrists of the man you loved.
Finally! The newest chapter of The Pirate's Bride is finally here!!!! I hope you all enjoy it and please do not kill me for the ending!!! Its another plot twist!!!!!!!!

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