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December 8, 2013
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Arthur's POV

Arthur sat in the corner of the cell with Alfred next to him, they looked like they were deep in conversation. If all went according to plan, then Peter should be sending one of the key guards down to check on them, thinking that the prisoners broke out. Gilbert, Francis and Antonio were pacing around the cell, waiting for the guard. Moments later, the clanging of a metal door resounded around the dungeon. Within seconds, the guard came into view.

"I knew that little brat had to have been lying." The guard said, walking up to the bars with a cocky grin. "I knew you five would never get out of here."

"Zhat's vhat you zhink." Gilbert said. "NOW!"

Antonio, Francis and Gilbert rushed the guard, wrapping their arms around him, pinning him to the bars. Gilbert had him in a choke hold, cutting off his air supply. While the three had the guard immobilized, Arthur ran up and dug through the man's pockets, searching for the key. When he found it, he nodded to Gilbert, who tightened his grip and soon the man was knocked out on the floor.

"Don’t mess with pirates." Arthur said and glared at the guard.

He bent his hand around the bars of the cell and put the key into the keyhole and unlocked the cell. Then he handed the key to Alfred.

"Unlock the crew, tell them to get to the respective ships. Then meet me where the wedding is being held."

Alfred nodded and took the key and got to work.

"So vhat's zhe plan now?" Gilbert asked.

"We get (name) out and then we go back to our normal routine of cat and mouse with each other." Arthur explained. "Come on."

You're POV

You looked down at your white wedding dress. It was even more extravagant then the last one. You hated it. You hated what it symbolized. You could get married in the clothes Arthur gave you for all you cared, with your sword, as long as it meant you were getting married to Arthur and not Vash. You felt tears stream down your face as your mother did your hair.

"I know your happy, honey." She said. "It’s a big day for you."

You didn’t say anything. You weren’t happy. You were getting married to Vash and your real prince was sailing the ocean like he promised he would. You wiped your eyes lightly with your finger. After a while, your other did what she could with your short hair.

"How inconsiderate of those pirates to cut your hair. There is nothing that I can do with it now!" She said exasperated.

You couldn’t tell your mother that it was your idea. You couldn’t tell your mother that you enjoyed your time on the ship. It would break her heart.

"Come on. We should get downstairs." Your mother said.

You nodded and stood up. Your mother led you down the stairs and to the double doors that would open then the ceremony started. Which just so happened to be the second you got down there.

*     *     *

"Do you Vash take (Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you (name) take Vash to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"What? No asking if anyone has objections?" Came a voice.

Everyone in the audience gasped and turned their heads to see who had interrupted the ceremony this time. Your eyed widened when you saw a pair of cerulean blue eyes and a cow lick. So he didn’t leave you!

Arthur's POV

"All right. We have to knock out all the guards around the perimeter before we can pull this off." Arthur said.

"After zhis is over, after zhe guards are all out for zhe count, ve," Gilbert motioned to Antonio and Francis, "are getting out of here."

"Fine." Arthur said, "Let's just get this over with."

The three nodded and they got to work. The four stealthily knocked out the guards by the doors and any other entrances and pulling them away from the doors, hiding them in a broom closet. However, before putting the last guard in there, Arthur stripped him of his uniform, thinking that it would be a good fit for Alfred.

"All right. Now we just have to wait for Alfred to get ba—"

"Did someone call for a hero?" Alfred interrupted, smirking.

Arthur rolled his eyes and shoved the uniform in his face. "Put this on and get in there. Meet us on the boat when you're finished."

Alfred sighed. "Fine. But she owes me a kiss at the very least after this."

Arthur rolled his eyes. "Just go."

Alfred saluted, smirking as he watched the BTT and Arthur run off to the docks to get on their ships. When they were gone he pulled on the uniform after he took off his pirate clothes, stashing them, figuring that he wouldn’t need them again, and snuck into the ceremony.

"Do you Vash take (Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you (name) take Vash to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"What? No asking if anyone has objections?" Alfred said and smirked.
Here is the second to last chapter of the Pirates Bride!!!! I promise that i will TRY to make the last chapter extra long and fluffy as an ending for this story.

Keep in mind that i WILL NOT post the next chapter until after Christmas or until after i finish the requests from my Holiday Giveaway. So until then, enjoy this latest enstallment!

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