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January 25, 2013
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It was the night before your wedding day. You were standing by your open window, your chin resting in your hands. The cool wind blew back your (h/l) (h/c) hair and the curtains. White moon light spilled into the room. You were staring at the sky. When you saw what you were looking for, you blinked. You found the first star of the night. You closed your eyes.

“Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
Please grant my birthday wish,
Don’t make me marry Vash.” You sang.

You looked at the sky one more time and sighed. You closed your window and retreated to bet, praying your wish would come true.

Arthur’s POV

He watched as you closed your window and a small smile formed on his face. You haven’t changed one bit. You looked exactly like he remembered. Clear, beautiful (e/c) eyes and soft (h/c) hair. Oh how he longed to just take you now. But he had a better plan. A plan that involved the wedding already.

“I’ll rescue you, (name).”He whispered. “I promise, love.”

You're POV

You wanted to cry. Your wish hadn’t come true. You were standing behind a closed door, holding a bouquet of white flowers. You were dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress money could buy. Everyone thought you were the luckiest woman alive to be wed to a man as hansom and dashing as Vash. But you didn’t see it that way. You did not love this man. But it was your duty as a noble heiress to marry who your parents picked for you.

You heard the wedding march start playing on the piano. The doors opened and the procession began. You walked down the aisle, your two little cousins holding your train. When you reached the altar, Vash side glanced at you and smiled. You didn’t return it. You couldn’t, this wasn’t a happy moment for you. The priest started the wedding when both of you looked at him. You barely listened as he drilled on and on about this and that, not interested in the slightest.

“Does anyone have any objections? Speak now or forever hold your peace.” The priest said.

You held your breath, praying someone would say something. Then you heard those magic words. The two words that would set you free.

“I object!”

Everyone turned to see a man. His head was turned down, his hat covering his face. He had on a long red coat that was trimmed with black.

“Who are you, sir? I've never seen you before!” Vash said.

The man looked up and he flicked his had up, revealing his face. You sucked in a breath. He was hansom. He had messy blonde hair and emerald green eyes that refused to be hidden behind his big eyebrows. He looked familiar, though you couldn't quite name why.

“I am Captain Arthur Kirkland.” He said and rested a hand on the handle of his sword.

Everyone gasped. Captain Kirkland was infamous throughout Europe. What was he doing here? At your wedding… well obviously he was saving you, but why?

“What are you here for, Mr. Kirkland.” Vash put emphasis on the mister.

Captain Kirkland frowned. “That’s Captain Kirkland to you.” He walked up towards you. “I came here for the princess, obviously. I came to rescue her.”


He put an arm around your shoulders. “Yes. Rescue her from making the biggest mistake of her life.”

“Get your hands off of her.” Vash growled. “What mistake?”

“I’m afraid that I can’t explain further.” He tipped his hat. “and now, I bid you good day.”

With that, Captain Kirkland hefted you up bridal style, fitting seeing as you were in a wedding dress, and ran out of the church with you in hand.

“Who are you?” You asked. Even though you were being kidnapped, you were surprisingly calm, happy even.

“I already explained that, (name).” he said as he ran to the beach, still carrying you.

“Why’d you do it?”

Before her answered, he sad you down in a small boat, getting in himself. “Let’s go, Alfred.” He told the blue eyed man who was already in the boat.

The man nodded and you were off to sea.

“Why’d you do it, Captain Kirkland?” you asked again.

“I’ll tell you when we get back to the ship and shove off. We need to distance ourselves from England for a while.” He said with his British accent that you couldn't help but feel that you've hear before.

The rest of the ride to the ship was traveled in silence. Eventually you got back to the boat. Alfred went up first. Captain Kirkland had you go next Alfred helped you on the boat because maneuvering in the wedding dress was difficult. Seconds after you got on board, Captain Kirkland joined you. He looked at you and motioned for you to follow him. Then he told Alfred to ready the crew and cast off. As you followed the captain inside, you hear Alfred barking orders at the crew.

As you walked through the halls of the ship, it rocked and you toppled over, nearly hitting the ground. But you didn’t. Captain Kirkland had an arm around your waist, holding you up and steady.

“You’ll get your sea legs soon.” He said.

He didn’t take his arm from around you as the two of you walked to his cabin. You were grateful for him keeping you steady. But there was this feeling that you knew him for some reason, but you couldn’t place it yet. It was the same feeling from your wedding. When he opened the door to his cabin, he motioned for you to sit down as he rummaged through his drawers. Then he threw some clothes on the bed next to you.

“Here, change into those, it’ll be easier for you to be on the ship wearing that then the wedding dress you have on now.” He said.

“Who are you?” You asked.

“That’s the third time you asked, and I will tell you the same thing I did the first time at your almost wedding. I am Captain Arthur Kirkland.”

“I mean, who are you to me? Why did you crash my wedding and kidnap me?”

He blinked and muttered something that you barely caught. It sounded like “So you've forgotten about me.” Then he looked you in the eye. “Why did you kidnap me, she asks.” He said. “Well you are the adoptive princess, holding you would prove quite the bargaining chip.” He smirked.

“You’re lying to me, Captain Kirkland.” You didn't know how you were able to tell, you just could.

“Call me Arthur when we are alone. You only need to call me captain in front of my crew.” He said offhandedly. “I guess you haven’t forgotten all about me, at least.”

“What do you mean?” You snap, standing and glared at him.

“You don’t look very menacing in that wedding dress, love.” He said, smirking. “I suggest you change.”

“Not until I get my answers.” You said.

“Well, its fine by me if you stay in that wedding dress, but I can’t fathom why you would want to wear that. First, I know for a fact that you didn’t love that man you were standing at the altar with. Second, if you fall overboard, you will drown before I would even be able to save you.” He said, “So basically, it’s either change, or die, literally.”

You growled, all though you were grateful to this man for rescuing you from your wedding, you finally realized that you were his prisoner. You grabbed the clothes and headed to the bathroom before you paused.

“Wait. How did you know I didn’t love Vash?” You said.

“So that was his name. Very Swiss.” He noted. “Lets just say I heard you wish upon a star and took upon myself to rescue you.” He replied. “And besides, you, love, are already promised to someone else. Marrying someone else would be just the same as cheating.”

“I’m… promised to someone… else?” You said slowly.

“Go get changed.” He said. “Then perhaps I will explain more.”

You sighed and walked into the bathroom. You shucked off your wedding dress and undid the corset. Then you pulled on the clothes that Arthur had given you. They were men’s clothes. You pulled on the pants, and shirt. Then came the boots. You tucked the pant legs into you boots. Then you found, under all of the clothes you put on, a thick leather belt. First you put it around your waist. But that didn’t look right. Then you slung it over your shoulder and across your chest. You examined yourself in the mirror. You looked at your hair, all pinned around your head. You glared at your reflection and started ripping out the pins and throwing them on the ground. Soon your (h/l) hair just hung like it normally did. You walked out and looked at the pirate.

“You don’t have a brush lying around do you?” You asked.

He shook his head. “We don’t usually have women on the ship, so there was never a need for one.”

You looked at his messy blonde hair. “I noticed.”

“Those clothes suit you better then that wedding dress.” He said.

You ran your hands through you hair, trying to untangle it as best you could. You looked at the Englishman and then rolled your eyes. You took a seat on the bed, still working on your hair.

“So my answers?” You said.

He sat down next to you and took a lock of you (h/c) hair in his hand. He started to play with it absentmindedly as he talked. “Well, I was asked by your real betrothed to fetch you before your wedding. And I was told to bring you back to him. He told me that he was going to have you live with him as his wife like he promised to you more then eight years ago.”

“Eight years ago…” You said slowly. “I was still living in an orphanage.”

“That’s all you remember? You don’t remember the boy you used to play with all the time?” He asked, hope in his voice.

“What boy?” You said and looked at him.

When you saw his face, it was marred with a hurt expression. But it was gone in an instant. You weren’t even sure you saw it.

“The man who hired me told me that once he became a pirate he was going to come for you and make you his wife. He said that he would save you from the orphanage. But then, he was taken from you to a family with a Scottish son and a Welsh son. You really don’t remember any of this?”

You shook your head, feeling bad for not remembering for some reason. You also felt that you had to make this man happy, no matter what. That his happiness was the only thing that mattered. It confused the hell out of you.

He dropped the lock of your hair and stood up. “Well, no matter. You are going to remember one day and you are going to remember who you are. I will make you remember.” He said, sounding serious, like he was in business mode, but you also though you heard a small tone of hope in his voice. “That was part of the job description.” He said as an afterthought.

With that he turned to the door. You got up to follow him, but he stopped you.

“No. stay here. I will send my first mate down to meet you. Then he will bring you up when it is time to eat.” He said looking down on you. “Make yourself comfortable. You’ll be staying here for quite a while. This is going to be your new home.”

He grinned and walked out, closing the door. You gaped at the open door. First he rescues you, then he’s nice to you, explaining to you why he kidnapped you, and now he’s a total jerk, making you feel like a prisoner. But then again. You figure that was part of the deal of being kidnapped and on this ship. If he was going to act like that to you, then you figured you also might as well return the favor.

Throw manners to the wind. It’s time to tap into my inner sarcasm and wit; you think to yourself and grin.

You thought of things you could do in this room for how long you guessed you’d be stuck in here. But you couldn't really think of anything. Then your thoughts were invaded by something else.

Who exactly is Arthur Kirkland to you? Why does he feel so familiar?
Well, As promised, since you all liked chapter one so much, chapter two is up right after i finsihed typing chapter three. Enjoy! dont have a heart attack and die from what will happen in the chapter.

by the way, its kind of long. so yeah. Happy reading!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You're here!
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: You vill get it and you vill like it da?


I do not own any of the hetalia characters. Or you... But :iconsexyenglandplz: owns you now. ;) i dont own this picture! But if anyone you know, or is the one who owns it, please tell me! I would love to give you credit!
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