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February 10, 2013
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A week has passed since you remembered Arthur and since that night. You never out right told Arthur that you loved him, only that one time when he was asleep. You weren’t quite ready to put it into words.

Since that night you continued your training with Alfred and Peter. Alfred kept grinning at you with a look that said that he knew something that you didn’t know. Though, despite the looks he gave you, you steadily improved with your sword play. Arthur even watched in a majority of the time that he wasn’t yelling at the rest of the crew to get their asses in gear.

After breakfast on the seventh day, you had gone up to go train like you normally would. Alfred had told you that he thought you were ready to face him in a match and said that today would be the day that he would put you to the test. Once you got up to the deck you saw Peter sitting on the crate that Alfred usually sat on and Alfred standing with his sword drawn at his side and looked at you with a toothy grin.

"Ready, (name)?" He said.

You nodded and drew your own sword. "As ready as I'll ever be." You said.

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Arthur had come up from the mess hall and was leaning by the edge of the ship. He was getting ready for the show.

Alfred seemed to notice, too, that Arthur was watching you. Alfred got into a casual fighting stance and you got into your own. Alfred held out a hand and bent his fingers toward him, the universal sign for "come at me." You grinned and complied. You rushed at the blue eyed American and swung. He blocked easily, grabbing your wrist that had your sword in it, and pushed you back.

He was just about to charge you when out of the corner of his eye he saw a ship on the horizon. He stopped mid-rush and turned fully to the side of the ship. He walked over and tapped Arthur on the shoulder, muttering something that you couldn’t hear. Arthur's emerald eyes widened and he turned around.

Curious, you walked over to the two and looked where they were looking. You examined the ship. It looked like another pirate ship, much like Arthurs. Only this one had three different flags on it rather than some different version on the Jolly Roger. There were the flags of three different countries. Prussia, France, and Spain.

"Arthur?" You said and looked at him. He didn’t look at you, he was just staring at the ship. "Who is on that other ship? It seems like you know them."

This time Arthur looked at you. It seems you still didn’t remember what had happened only three years ago, when Arthur first became a pirate and when he first tried to get you back. "They call themselves the Bad Touch Trio. Gilbert Beilschmidt, Francis Bonnefoy, and Antonio Fernandez Carriedo."

"Why are they here?" You asked.

Your question was answered when the ship was in shooting range and you heard the sound of a cannon going off. The next thing you knew, splinters of wood came shooting up towards your face. Before the splinters could hit you, Arthur turned in front of you, protecting you from the wood. Then he turned back, keeping you behind him, the sound of cannons firing all around the both of you.

"Go to my cabin." He ordered. "You're the one they're after. At least, you're the one HE'S after."

You blinked. "No. I'm going to fight."

Arthur sighed and brought you to the other side of the ship. Then he turned to you, looking you in the eyes. "Please, (name). Just listen to me. If he gets ahold of you again, I don’t know what I would do."

You looked at Arthur confused. "Again."

"You don’t remember it. You really didn’t get all of your memory back." Arthur murmured to himself. "It was a traumatic experience for you, I'm sure, so your mind suppressed it deep down inside."

"What do you mean?"

He shook his head. "Please, just go into the cabin. I can't lose you again."

You (e/c) eyes bored deep into Arthur's emerald ones. "You won't lose me, Arthur. I promise." You said before you kissed Arthur.

He blinked, not expecting this at first. Then he melted into you. The both of you completely forgot about the sounds of battle going on around you. That is, until a cannon ball hit the ship right by the two of you and you both got showered in splinters. Arthur broke the kiss.

"Stay close to me, love." He said and looked at you with utter seriousness. "Got that?"

You nodded and he walked back to where Alfred and Peter were standing. Soon, the cannons stopped firing and then planks of wood bridged the distance between the two ships. Three men walked across the planks, along with some of their crew standing on the other side. The man in the front had white hair and red eyes with a smirk plastered on his face. The second one had blonde hair and blue eyes and the third one had brown hair and green eyes.

"Vell, Arthur. Ve meet again." Said the white haired man.

"Gilbert." Arthur said. "What are you doing here?"

"I heard you had a certain mädchen zat belongs to me." he said.

"She never belonged to you, Beilschmidt." Arthur said.

"Zat is not ze vay I remember it, Kirkland." Gilbert said. "How about ve strike a deal. You hand over ze mädchen und my friends und I vill leave vithout any bloodshed?"

Arthur growled. "Not a chance, Beilschmidt."

"Haben es auf deine Weise." Gilbert said and waved a hand at his crew.

The crew who have been waiting patiently for their orders to attack roared into action. They yelled and charged over the planks, drawing their swords as they ran. They met Arthur's crew with the sound of metal hitting metal.

"Stay avay from Kirkland. He's mine!" Gilbert said, looking back at the other two men. They nodded and the blonde went to go attack Alfred while the brunette disappeared from sight.

Gilbert charged Arthur, his sword out and Arthur quickly drew his, blocking the attack. "Just hand her over und ve vill disappear, Kirkland." Gilbert said.

Arthur glared. "I won't let you have her."

You stood behind Arthur like he told you and you saw him kick Gilbert back. You saw him look up at Arthur, his grin still on his face and he charged at him again, this time he didn’t use his sword and he tackled Arthur away from you. Arthur pushed him off and quickly stood. As the two were fighting, with you watching intently, you didn’t realize that someone was standing right behind you.

Arthur and Gilbert continued to fight and you could tell that they were starting to wear out. Arthur was panting and Gilbert's shoulders were hunched. Arthur looked more worn out then the other man. This was not good. If this continued, Arthur would lose.

Gilbert grinned, seeing the weariness in his opponent. He turned and looked at you then at the man that was behind you that you were still unaware of. He grinned.

"Antonio! Take her!" he said.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist and a hand covered your mouth. You struggled to get the hands off of you, but it didn’t work. You screamed behind the hand and Arthur turned to see you being held and pulled away by the brown haired man.

That was his fatal mistake. Gilbert grinned and used that moment of broken concentration to administer the final blow. He swung his sword, knocking Arthur's out of his hand. Arthur stared wide eyed at the man and your eyes widened. With a flourish, Gilbert then brought his sword down from Arthur's shoulder to his side.

It was like in some anime show. Blood gushed from Arthur's wound. You screamed, but your voice was drowned out by the sounds of battle around you. Arthur turned his head towards you and said words that you could hear, but you tried your best to read his lips.

"I will find you, (name). I promise." Arthur said before he crumpled to the ground, his eyes closed.


Antonio started dragging you. He tried putting hand over your mouth again but you chomped down on it hard, rewarding you with a stifled exclamation of pain. His grip loosened on you enough to run out of his arms and to Arthur's side. You fell to your knees next to him, tears falling from your face.

This couldn’t be happening. This can't be happening. Arthur couldn’t be dead. Not after you just remembered him. Not after you were reunited after so many years. You touched Arthur's face. He felt so cold after just a short time of being stuck down.

"Arty! You can't die! Please! Wake up! ARTHUR!" You shouted at him. "Arthur, wake up! Please? I love you! Just wake up! I'll do anything!"

You felt arms wrap around your midsection again and start pulling you away. You struggled, not wanting to leave Arthur's side. But these arms were stronger than the ones that had pulled you away before. Those new arms eventually got you onto the other ship without too much effort because halfway through, you lost all of your energy. You just couldn’t fight any more. You've given up.

Arthur's POV

"Captain! Captain!" Came a familiar voice, but Arthur couldn’t quite place it. "Arthur fucking Kirkland! Open your goddamned eyes or I will open them for you!"

Arthur's eyes fluttered open. At first everything looked white. Then he started seeing the blue of the sky. He looked to the side to see Alfred leaning over him, glaring. Arthur tried to sit up, but as soon as he moved, he was over came by immense pain and, gasping, fell back down.

"Don’t move, Arthur." Alfred said. "Your wound is really deep."

"Yeah! I can't patch it up if you keep moving, you wanker!" Came Peter's voice.

Arthur growled. "Where's (name)?"

Alfred didn’t respond right away, only looked at his blonde friend with his eyes shrouded in deep sadness. "She… she was taken by Gilbert."

"Damn…" Arthur didn’t dare bolt up like he so wanted to because he didn’t want to cry out again. "Hurry up Peter! We have to go get (name)." He looked at Alfred. "Ready the crew, prepare to make way." Alfred nodded and stood.

(Name), Arthur thought, I'm coming for you, I swear. I'm not going to leave you with that bastard Prussian.
Well its finally here!!!! And guess what!! YOU DIDNT REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!!!
this is a really intense chapter. i mean, america even cursed. O.o and he wasnt even 2P! america.
anyway. enjoy this newest installment! I hope you like it!!!

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I do not own any of the hetalia characters. Or you... But :iconsexyenglandplz: owns you now. ;) i dont own this picture! But if anyone you know, or is the one who owns it, please tell me! I would love to give you credit!
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