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February 18, 2013
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Running. Always running. Don’t look back. Don’t you dare!

You couldn’t help it. You looked back. No one behind you. However you could still hear the howling and baying of the hounds that chased you. You turned forward again and nearly ran into an out stretched branch. You stumbled, nearly falling to the ground.

Don’t stop running!

In front of you, the woods stretched on seemingly forever, in every direction. Branches were pulling on your (h/l) (h/c) hair. Dampened leaved were sticking to your shoes and legs. Tree roots reached out, trying to trip you, to make you fall.

You were running down the boarder of your country and Russia. You had to get back to base. HE was there waiting for you.

You never made it.

You heard the laugh before you saw him. You turned your head, craning your neck. You saw your two greatest fears that day. First you saw the white haired and violet eyes of the Russian Nation, yelling for you to get back there, laughing at how much fun he was having chasing you like a caged animal set loose for the first time. You looked up. Your eyes widened like saucers when you saw it.

There it was, one of Russia's infamous A-bombs that were never used during the American cold war. You saw Russia run in the opposite direction. You snapped your head forward and poured on the speed. But you weren’t fast enough.

The bomb hi the ground and exploded. The blast sent you flying and the shockwave propelled you even farther. You were slammed against a door and crumpled to the ground. Your consciousness started fading. Everything hurt, probably had multiple broken bones. Blood was oozing from your forehead almost blinding your completely. You could feel cuts all over your body from the tree branches, blood trailing all over your body. Even your clothes were in tatters.

You vaguely recognized the door. It was the door to the base that you shared with Him. Oh, God, this was it, and you wouldn’t get to see his face again. Oh how you wished you could just seem him one more time. Tears started to fall from your eyes, either from sadness or pain, you didn’t know exactly.

You were almost gone before you saw the door to the base open. There stood the man you wished so dearly to see one more time. His blonde hair was slicked black, his once clear blue eyes clouded with worry when he saw you lying on the ground, eyes closed. He knelt beside you and lifted you into his lap gingerly, cradling your head in the curve of his arm.

"(Name)!" You heard his voice, but it sounded like you were submerged in icy water. "(Name)!"

Your eyes fluttered and you focused on the man that held you. "Ger…many…"

"Oh, (name). Vat happened to you?" He asked in his angry German accent.

"Rus…sia." You got out. "I'm… sorry."

"Sh. Don’t speak." He ordered.

You lifted one of your blood covered hands and tried to reach for his cheek. You were losing energy fast. Germany took his free hand and used it to push your hand against his cheek.

"Win, Ger…many. Win the… war." You said and sank into the blissful sea of darkness free from all pain.

Your hand fell from Germany's cheek, leaving streaks of your blood on his face.

"Verdammt." Germany muttered. He pulled your body into him in a gentle hug.

He felt the light beat of your heart. His eyes widened. He picked you up bridal style, and kicked open the door. He rushed you too the infirmary. There, Canada took hold of you. he shooed Germany out, who paced the hallways impatiently.

Italy came by and noticed Germany pacing. He went over and, upon find out what happened to you, tried to cheer up his friend. Nothing would work.

After what felt like hours to Germany, Canada finally came out. He led Germany into see you in recovery. There he explained that your left leg was broken in three places as well as your right arm. Your left hand was shattered and you had four broken ribs. You also lost an exceptional amount of blood.

When Germany asked if you would live, Canada said that the chance was very, very slim for the amount of blood that was lost. He explained that he put you into a medically induced coma and he either you would die like that or wake up when you recovered or when you deemed the time was right.

After explaining your condition to Germany, Canada left, mentioning that he was going to organize a meeting of the other nations. He also muttered to himself that Germany would probably be the only one able to wake you up. However, Germany didn’t hear that because Canada's voice was too soft and Germany's attention focused on you. He pulled over a wooden chair and sat down in it next to your bed. He dropped his head in his hands.

This was all his fault because…

He knew this was going to happen.

It all started five years ago.
Well, this is a germanyXreader Fan Fiction. Is the first chapter.

There will be more, so dont you worry.
also there will probably be less then 10 chapters so keep that in mind.

I hope you enjoy this fanfiction!!!

Chapter 1: Your here.
Chapter 2: [link]


This is a request for :iconakaepic: The idea was given to me. I am only putting the idea on paper as a story.

I don't own Hetalia

I don't own you, :iconsexygermanyplz: does

I don't own the picture. it came from [link]

I don't even own the story, as i said before this is a request from :iconakaepic:
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