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February 9, 2013
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"Yao!! Wait up!" You called, chasing after your Chinese best friend.

The long brown haired boy turned and looked at you, smiling. "Well hurry up, (name). Your kung fu lessons start soon."

When you caught up to him, he started walking again and you easily kept pace with him. Not only was he in your class, and your best friend, but he also taught you kung fu in his free time at his house. And even thought it was just the two of you, he kept you on a strict schedule with practices saying that it teaches discipline, which is what, in his words, kung fu is all about. But some of the time the two of you would just end up acting stupid and laughing. You still did get some training in, even though it didn’t seem like it.

"Valentine's day in in a week, you know." You told him. "Do you have any one special you're going to ask to be your valentine this year?"

"Why do you want to know?" He asked in his cute accent.

"Because you said last year that you did have someone in mind, but you never told me. So I want you to tell me this year who it is." You asked.

Yao smiled, looking up at the sky. "Maybe this year you'll find out." He said.

The two of you walked to Yao's house. The walk was silent, but it wasn’t awkward, for you at least, for Yao, it was another story. He kept thinking about Valentine's Day last year. He didn’t tell who he wanted to be his valentine last year because he knew it wouldn’t happen. And that because of Alfred F. Jones. Last year, he has asked you to be his valentine. And you had accepted. Yao missed his chance. But this year would be different because Alfred had moved when his brother got accepted into a really good school two states over. And he had to perfect plan.

When the two of you go to his house, he opened the door and let you in. Both of you left your jackets, backpacks and shoes in the front by the door and you went down stairs to start training again.

"Today, I'm going to teach you how to use a bamboo stick to disable an attacker." Yao told you.

After practice, which eventually just became you and Yao playing with the bamboo sticks as fake swords and giving each other welts and bruises, and dinner, you said goodbye to Yao and his mom, plus all of his siblings, and walked home. You honestly wondered if anyone would ask you to be their valentine this year, granted, you weren’t super popular, but you were up there and guys asked you to go out with them every so often, so you wondered if anyone would ask you this year.

Secretly, you hoped Yao would ask you. You hoped the same thing last year, but Alfred asked first and you couldn’t say no. You were just too nice. But Yao never said anything. You wondered if he liked you. You sighed and shrugged it off. You would just have to wait until next week.

~Time skip to the say before Valentines day!!~

Yao's POV

He had all the things he needed for the next day. All the gifts, the plan was all mapped out. Now all he had to do was make the card and find a way to get it where it needed to be before you go to school the next day. He would have to wake up extra early and skip out on meeting you at the bus stop, which would probably rub you the wrong way.

He sighed. It was a chance he was going to have to take. He was tired of being friend zoned. He wanted his chance. And he was going to get it. He was going to confess his feelings, and if you didn’t return them, well, he would force himself to move on and get over it.

He got scissors and the glue from Kiku's room, hopefully he wouldn’t get mad, but then again, Kiku doesn’t know the meaning of anger. He went back into his room and got to work making the Valentine's Day cards. Two of them. One for the morning, and one for what he had planned for that night after school.

~The next day~

You're POV

You walked into school, slightly annoyed because you were reduced to taking the bus alone blasting your music from your iPod and staring out the window like some loner. It was Valentine's Day. You shouldn’t be annoyed on Valentine's Day.

You sighed and walked to your locker, only to find Yao standing there leaning back against the lockers next to yours, his classically super extended shirt sleeve covering his hands. His shirt was red.

"Dressing for the day, Yao?" You asked sarcastically.

He shrugged. "Maybe. Who knows?"

You rolled your eyes and turned to open your locker. But you stopped after you got your lock off. "Oh, by the way, this is for you." You turned to Yao and punched him in the arm.

"Hey! What was that for?" he asked.

"For not being on the bus with me this morning." You said. "That is your punishment for making me look like a loner."

You turned back to your locker and opened it.  The first thing you saw was a bouquet of flowers tied around a heart shaped box of chocolates and a handmade heart shaped card that had two lines of a poem on it and a small little side note. It read:

"Roses are red
Violets are blue…

I'll give you the rest of the poem if you accept my invitation to dinner tonight.
Meet me after school in the parking lot in the far end. Space number 150. And
You'll find out who I am."

You looked at Yao curiously. "Do you have any idea who this could be from?"

He shrugged and shook his head. "I have no idea. Guess you're going to have to meet up with whoever it is after school."

You looked at the note again and smelled the flowers and smiled. "I think I just might." Unless Yao decides to ask me to be his valentine before that, you added as an after though.

The rest of the day went by with absolutely nothing interesting. Yao never asked you to be his Valentine and right after seventh period he didn’t meet you at your locker like he always did. You sighed. Yao has never flaked, but just today he's done it more than he has since he met you.  Maybe he really didn’t like you.

You opened your locker and tossed your books and backpack in there because you didn’t need it. No teacher assigned homework, surprisingly. You took out the bouquet out of your locker along with the box of chocolates and the card. You smelled the flowers again in hopes to forget about your Yao problems. You walked out of the school and walked to lot 150 to meet the boy that put the stuff in your locker.

In the back of your mind you wondered who could have opened it, no one knew your combo except for Yao. So he must have known who your mystery man was and given him your combo to put the stuff in there. You rubbed your forehead.

You approached the lot and you spotted a white 2012 Kia. Leaning against the car, on the passenger side door was the silhouette of a boy. As you got closer, you were able to make out brown hair that was long and tied back along with a red…

It was Yao.

"Yao!?" You said, disbelieving.

"Nee hao." Yao smiled at you. "Of course." He said and got off of the car and opened the passenger side door for you. "Care to join me?"

You smiled at your best friend and nodded. "I would love to." You said and slid into the car.

Yao grinned and went around to the driver side of the car and started to the car. He backed out of his spot and drive off to yours and Yao's favorite Chinese restaurant. He pulled into to the parking lot. He got out of the car and then opened the door for you. He was really going all out. He wanted this date to be perfect.

The stewardess greeted you and Yao asked for a table for two with a little privacy. She smiled and complied and brought you to a table in the far corner of the restaurant. The two of you took a seat across from each other.

"So you finally did it." You said and looked at the menu.

Yao looked at your curiously. "Did what?"

You shake your head and give your friend… date?... you didn’t know what he was called any more, a smile. "After the date." You told him.

Yao eyed you suspiciously before giving up on trying to figure you out, as he so often did. He just shrugged and looked at his own menu. Moments later, a waiter came and offered to take your order. You ordered (favorite Chinese dish) and Yao ordered the same thing.

The two of you talked about nothing in particular, your conversation jumping from gossip about school to his family to yours. Then your food came and the two of you ate in silence. The conversation ran dry except for one topic left that fit in with what day it was. Yao was silently contemplating when to give you the last half. And he decided on when he dropped you off.

You, on the other hand, wondered when, if he was even going to ask you and your doubt increased that he was going to ask you as each minute passed. By the time the date was over, you were sure he wasn’t going to ask you.

Yao paid for the food and then he led you back to the car. He opened the passenger side door for you and then he go into the other side. The ride home was silent and awkward. You never thought that in a million years there would be an awkward silence between you and him. You stared out the window at the darkened sky of (home town).

Not long after, Yao pulled the car up to the curb of your house. The date was over, the day was lost. Another year of Yao not asking you to be his valentine. You sighed and got out of the car. Yao stepped out also and walked you to the door. You turned to unlock it and walk in when Yao caught your arm.

"(Name)." He said. "I have something I want to give you."

You turned back to him and he took his hand out from behind his back and handed you another heart shaped handmade card. You hat totally forgotten about the other one that had the first half of the poem on it. This one read:

"I like you
Do you like me too?"

You smiled and looked up at Yao who had a questioning look on his face. You slowly nodded.

"(Name), will you be my valentine?" he asked.

You grinned and shook your head. That’s not what you wanted.

"Then… will you be my girlfriend?" He said, trying again.

You smiled and shook your head. His face fell. "I don’t want to be just one, Yao. I want to be both."

Yao's smile made your heart soar. It was filled with the happiness that was because of you. He put his hand that was covered by his sleeve on your cheek and leaned in. "That can be arranged." He said before he pressed his lips gently against yours.

You felt like you could fly. You twined your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. When Yao broke the kiss, he looked you in the eyes and spoke.

"Wǒ ài nǐ, (name)," He said, "since the day I met you."

You didn’t need to know Chinese to know what he said and your smiled widened, causing your cheeks to hurt. "I love you, too, Yao."
This was a request from :iconfawnwolf11: i apologize if its cheesy and not as kwaii as you had hoped but i tried my best. haha. i hope you like it anyway.

Its finished, right on time. haha. Thank fully.

This is a one shot. so i most likely wont add any more chapters because im working on so many other things right now to. so even if i did, i wouldnt have any more chapters up for a while because i can only work on so many things at once and so far i have, now, four things im trying to do at once. so yeah. haha. my multitasking prowess can only be stretched so far. haha.


I dont own china

I dont own you, either, :iconsexychinaplz: He does

I dont own the picture i got it from [link]

How ever, I do own the story.
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