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February 8, 2013
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You looked up at your superior. You flew off your cloud, happy to be using your pure white angel wings again after so long. You flew in front of your superior, the Arch Angel Michael, and kneeled.

"Yes sir?" You asked.

"I have an assignment for you." He said, scooping up some of his cloud. "I want you to look over this boy." An image formed in the cloud of a boy with amber eyes, brown hair and a curl that went to the right. He was pouting and looking to the side. "I want you to get him to reconcile with his brother." He told you

The scene changed to the boy walking around an Italian town grumbling, muttering things under his breath. He made a turn into a forest. He was still muttering, glaring at nothing.

"His name is Lovino Vargas." Michael said. "Go to him."

You nodded and bowed your head. You jumped off of his cloud and descended to the earth. You landed in the forest Lovino walked in, behind a tree. You used a little bit of your magic to put on normal modern age clothes on instead of your white gold and silver dress. You pulled your wings in as best you could and used even more magic to hide your golden halo. Then you walked out from behind the tree.

You spotted Lovino just a few meters away, sitting by a tree, scribbling in a red notebook, eating a tomato. You walked up to him silently.

"Whatcha writing?" You asked him, your hands behind your back, looking over him at the notebook.

He jumped and yelped, looking at you. "Ragazza idiota. You scared me!" He regained his composure.

You laughed. "You're so funny, Lovino."

He blinked at you, his eye brows being pulled down into a scowl. "How do you know my name? Who the hell are you?"

You giggled. Even though you were on a mission, you wanted to have some fun. Michael knew your track record, so you guess he also wanted you to show the boy what it's like to play, to have fun.

"I'll tell you if you catch me!" you said and turned. You completely forgot that your wings were over your (f/c) shirt.

Lovino didn’t say anything about seeing your wings. He just thought they were a part of the design of the shirt. You stopped a few feet away and turned to see Lovi just sitting where he was, giving you a puzzled look.

You sighed and walked up to him. "Looks like you need a little incentive." You giggled and plucked the notebook from Lovino's hands.

"Hey!" He said and grabbed for the book, you pulled it back so he couldn’t reach it. "Give it back, damn it!"

"Ah, ah, ah." You said, grinning. "Catch me!"

You took off running, laughing when Lovino shouted "ragazza idiota" again and started chasing you. You smiled, he took the bait.  You ran through the trees, sometimes making total three-sixty turns. Surprisingly though, Lovino was able to keep pace, even catch up to you.  Your game ended too soon for your tastes, just over about five minutes, when Lovino tackled you to the ground, pinning you down, landing uncomfortably on your wings. You ignored it.

You grinned. "Well that was fun."

"Who are you?" He asked. "You said you would tell me when I caught you."

"You're no fun." You sighed. "I'm, (name) (last name). I'm your angel."

"Mio… angelo?" he said and shook his head. "I don’t believe you."

"I can make you believe me if you let me up." You said

He eyes you and then got off, not offering a hand to help you up, just crossed his arms.

"Thanks for the help." You said sarcastically.

"So are you going to prove it?" he said eyeing you from the corner of his eye.

"Impatient much?" You said. "Yeah, yeah. I just ask you to house me until my mission here on earth has been completed, then I leave."

The curiosity of knowing if you really were an angel got the better of Lovi and he agreed almost instantly. Works every time, you thought. You rolled your shoulders and extended your wings. Lovi just stared at you, slack jawed, eyes like saucers. After he got an eyeful, you pulled them back in, grinning at the Italian boy.

"Well?" You said. "Believe me?"

He regained his composure and growled. "Just… come on." He said before walking out of the forest.

You grinned and followed him. The two of you walked together in relative silence. When you reached his home, he opened the door and just walked in, you behind him. You were greeted by a boy, Lovi's twin brother, who had auburn hair and the same curl as Lovi only going to the left instead of the right.

"Vee~! Fratello! Your home~! He said.

"Is that damned potato bastard still here?" Lovi said.

"Zat I am." Came a German voice.

Lovino groaned.

"Fratello! Who's this ragazza bella?" the brother asked.

"Merda." Lovino muttered. "This is (name) (last name). She's my… uh…" Lovi hesitated and looked at you, as if asking permission to tell him brother what you are. You gave an imperceptible shake of your head and he got flustered. "She's my…"

"I'm his girlfriend." You said, taking the initiative to hide your true identity, out of the corner of your eye you saw Lovino's face start to turn red. "Who are you?" You asked with a smile.

"I'm Feliciano Vargas~! Romano's younger brother!" He said happily and glomped his twin. "Yay~! "Mio fratello ha una fidanzata!"

"Get off me, idiota!" He yelled, still red in the face.


"It's Lovino's first name. Lovino is his middle name." The German said. You were puzzled; Michael told you his name was Lovino. "It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Ludvig Beilschmidt."

You smiled. "Nice to meet you."

You felt a hand close around your wrist and pull you. You ended up tripping into Romano, his hands was still curled around your wrist and his other hand on your other arm. He caught you, and he was also the one who pulled you. He wasn’t looking at you; he was glaring at Feliciano and Ludwig.

"If practice is over then go home!" He yelled, clearly annoyed.

He stood you up and started walking down the hall, dragging you by the arm. Feliciano didn’t seem to sense the "stay the hell away from me" vibe Romano was giving off and ran up to the two of you.

"Is she staying with us~" Feliciano asked.

I nodded. "I am. Romano said I could until my house is done bring fumigated."

"Oh. In that case call me Feli!" He said happily. "If your going to be one of the family, then that’s what you gotta call me!"

Romano's face turned red and he growled. "Go away, fratello idiota!"

Feli squeaked and Romano pulled you into a room. He let go of your wrist and you rubbed it. He surprisingly had a really firm grip.

"Forceful." You said. "Why did you want to get me away so badly?"

Romano didn’t look at you when he spoke. "No reason." He sat down on the bed that was pushed back against the wall.

You took the time to examine the room you were in. it was painted a tomato red color with some splatter paint yellow. There was a queen sized three poster bed with tomato print bed spread. There was a great big bay window that, instead of a small table, it had a bench built in front of it indented into the wall. There was also a guitar, bass, mic stand and drum set standing in the far right hand corner of the room. It was a beautiful room.

You walked over to the bed and picked your way so you were behind Romano. "Tell me. I can't help you if you don’t tell me what the problem is."

He sighed before he spoke. "I don’t want another person to think he's better than me…"
Well, If you read my journal or answered that poll i had, or both, i said that i was going to write four Angel!ReaderXCountry Fanfics. well, the first of the four series is up. The love triangle between twins. (Remind you of anything? *cough cough* Hikaru Kaoru *cough cough* (Rest assured its not the same story. not by a long shot. i just wanted to draw that parallel.)) ANyway, i had so many ideas, so i started this one first. And i hand wrote it in school. so i recently typed it up after i drew one of my entrys for my college portfolio. so i decided to post it. Anyway. Here it is. ENJOY IT!!! FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED!!!

Also, if anyone speaks fluent italian, if i have any grammar or some words are wrong, please correct me. It would mean alot.

also, those who are reading this and follow my englandXreader strories, ill have the new chapters as soon as possible, i apologize for it being so long. Ive just got all the other ideas inside my head, a commission im working on for someone and my college crapola. but i promise ill try to get it up soon.

Chapter 1: You're here, ragazza idiota.
Chapter 2: [link]

I dont own Romano

The picture comes from [link]

I down own "Her Voice Resides" either. Its a Bullet For My Valentine son. (I suggest you listen to it if you dont know what it is. Its a good song)

I dont own you, :iconsexyromanoplz: Does because your his angel. (adorable)

However i do own one thing. and that's this story.
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