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February 11, 2013
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When you regained your composure you left the room and walked into the kitchen. Romano was already at the table, across from Feli and Ludwig was already there, sitting next to him. You decided to sit next to Romano since Ludwig did think that he was your boyfriend.

When you got there, Feli helped you make a plate piled high with pasta with tomato sauce and a slice of pizza. Romano put the same things on his plate. Ludwig ended up bringing his own food of wurst and beer. You all ate in silence before Ludwig decided to speak up and ask you a few questions after about three beers or so.

"So, how long have you und Romano been dating?" He asked in his German accent.

You and Romano stiffened and looked at each other.

"A month," you said just as Romano said, "a week."

"A month and a week." You said with a sweet smile.

Ludwig raised an eyebrow at the two of you and then just shrugged it off. "How did you meet, Romano?"

Romano froze again and hesitated. You laughed playfully and leaned over to kiss his cheek. When your lips were against his skin you whispered.

"Tell them about what happened before minus me telling you I'm an angel." You said so that only he could hear. Then louder you said. "You're such a joker, Lovi! Just tell them how we met!"

Romano's face was as red as the tomato sauce on his pasta. You didn’t know if it was from being on the spot or from you kissing him. But he started talking.

"Well… when I was really pissed after practice, I stormed out," You heard Ludwig say "nothing new" under his breath. Romano glared and spat "Potato bastard" again before continuing. "I walked into the forest to vent. While I was sitting by a tree with my notebook and a tomato, this ragazza idiota," He motioned to you and you took his hand for effect, smiling. He blushed again. "Comes up to me and asks what I was doing. I asked her name and she said that if I caught her, she'd tell me."

"For good measure, I took his book too." You finished for him and laughed.

You gave Romano a fake endearing smile, which could be mistaken for a real one. He returned it, red in the face, with a sarcastic one of his own.

Ludwig took a swig on his deer, his fourth one. Germans sure do like their beer, you thought distantly, he must be hammered by now. "Sounds like you two really like each other." He said before finishing the beer and starting a new one.

You smiled at Ludwig. "It's lot like, Ludi. It's love." You turned your smile on Romano, really selling it. Romano's face turned to a brighter shade of red and you giggled at him.

After dinner, you all retreated into the living room. Romano had taken the chair that was by a couch and you were going to go over to him and sit on his lap when an arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you down on the couch. You looked up and saw Ludwig. His face was pinkish with a drunkard's blush and his eyes were half closed with a stupid grin on his face.

"Hey! Potato bastard! What are you doing with mio ragazza?" you looked at Romano. He looked genuinely jealous. Nice acting, you thought.

Ludwig gave the Italian a glare that would have made even Michael think twice. "If shes your girl zen come und claim her." He said with a grin on his face. "Before I do."

You looked at the German in shock. Dear god he was hammered. After like… a whole two cases of that German beer of his! How in the world does he not have alcohol poisoning! The German who had you captive under his arm turned at you and grinned. Oh dear god. You looked towards Romano, a look of horror on your face. You knew what Ludwig was going to do. You also knew Romano was scared of this "potato bastard" and wouldn’t save you. You still hoped though.

"Stop, Ludi!" You turned to see Feli looking at his German friend, a pout on his face, his eyes closed as per usual and his arms crossed trying to look as menacing as he could.

He didn’t look menacing at all. He actually looked cute. You stifled a giggle.

"So does zat mean you vant her, zen?" Ludwig looked at the younger of the Italian twins.

Feli's face turned the same color as Romano's did when you kissed him on the cheek. "N-no! T-that’s di mio fratello ragazza!" The young Italian stuttered.

"Zat doesn’t mean anyzing! Mein bruder und I share our mädchen!" Ludwig yelled.

With that, he hefted you over his lap onto the other side of him so that you were next to Feli. Feli's face was now the color of Romano's tomato's and then some. He gave you a look that said "I'm sorry but it's better me then Ludi'." You understood. You swallowed and Feli started to lean in. He put his hand on your cheek and just before your mouth met his, you were pulled away by arms that wrapped around your waist.

You looked up and saw Romano blushing furiously like his younger brother. He brought you back to the chair that he was sitting in and the two of you sat in it awkwardly next to each other. Romano's face still looked like it was on fire. It was the cutest thing you ever seen. You giggled a little bit, uncontrollably. Romano turned to you and glared; a glare you returned with an innocent smile.

"About time zat boy did somezing to show his affection." Ludwig said.

You laughed. "He's such the cute tsundere."

You looked at Romano and noticed that his blush actually worsened at your comment. Then you looked at the other Italian brother and saw that his face was still red as well, but he also had a little disappointed look in his eyes. You weren’t sure why he looked like that, so you just shrugged it off and looked back at Romano.

"Why don’t we watch a movie or something~!" You looked back at Feli and see he recovered from his lax in cheerfulness.

You looked back at Romano and shrugged. "Why not?" You said and then looked back at his brother. "Sure. Sounds good, Feli! What did you have in mind?"

He smiled and walked over to a cabinet that had a lot of different DVDs in it. He rummaged through the different cases when he eventually pulled out Pitch Perfect. "How about this?"

You nodded. "Sure sounds good!"

Romano just grumbled.

"That’s no good!" Ludwig shouted. "We need to watch something like this!" He said and pulled out a DVD case from under his shirt. It wasn’t something… tasteful and was rated XXX.

"NO!" yelled you and the Italian twins at the same time.

Before Ludwig could get to the DVD player to put his movie in, Feli handed the DVD to you and quickly started administering his hug therapy to Ludwig. While this was going on, you got out of the chair you and Lovino shared and went to go put the DVD in. When it was in, you turned control over to Feli who was now sitting next to Ludwig.

You returned to your seat, however, you didn’t sit next to him this time. Instead, you took up residence in his lap, wrapping one arm around his neck and taking his hand in your other. You felt Romano's free arm around your waist and rest on your hip. You looked at him and giggled. His face was red again. If you hadn’t known any better, you would have thought he wasn’t just acting and actually liked you.

But that was impossible. Romano couldn’t like you. He was human and you were an angel. You would leave as soon as you reconciled the two brothers and Romano and his brother would forget all about you within a week.  You see, angels, while they may be beautiful and memorable when they first meet their human charge, but they really aren’t memorable at all. After their mission is complete, all angels return to heaven and the only trace left of them on earth is the lesson that the human learned in the time that the angel was with them.

Romano would be no different. Neither would Feliciano. You felt your smile slowly changing into a blank expression and you barely noticed that you were still staring at Romano, or that he was looking at you intently.

"Hey, bella." He said.

You snapped your attention from your thoughts to Romano. "Yeah, Lovi?"

He sighed. "First off, don’t call me that." He said and looked you in the eyes. "And second, what did I say about looking lonely here?"

"To… not to?" You said in a mock question.

He nodded. "That’s right, ragazza. So don’t look lonely, damn it."

You nodded. After your exchange with Romano, you rested your head on his shoulder and watched the movie. About half way through, you started to nod off. But you were quickly woken by Romano shaking you with a worried expression.

"What is it, Romano?" You asked.

"You look like you did before dinner!" he whispered urgently.

Oh shit. You totally forgot that once you go to sleep your hold on your magic begins to slip. You quickly tried to regain it and looked at Ludwig and Feli. Feli was looking at you worriedly, which meant that he saw it too. Ludwig looked too drunk to notice. But you didn’t want to take the chance. You got off of Romano's lap.

"Well. I'm going to go to bed." You said, yawning. "I'm tired."

Feli stood up. "All right, (name)." he said and came up to you, giving you a hug. When he pulled back he gave you a quick peck on both cheeks. "Buonanotte."

He went back to take his seat next to Ludwig just as the German wailed. "I want a kiss too!"  

Behind you, you heard a faint growl come from Romano. "Ignore him, ragazza." He stood and took your hand. "Come on. I'll take you to my room."

Without your answer, Romano started dragging you from the living room to his bedroom where he first brought you. He let you in and when he walked in, he closed the door.

"What happened out there, (name)!" He shouted the question at you.

"I… uh… may have forgotten to mention this but when I fall asleep or when I'm really tired, my I can't hold my magic anymore, so I turn back to my original clothes." You explained and rubbed the back of your neck and gave a nervous laugh. "Sorry!"

"You could have been discovered by that potato bastard!" he shouted. "You're lucky only mio fratello noticed what happened!"

"I know, Romano." You said. Part of you didn’t understand why he was getting upset. I mean, Ludwig didn’t see anything so there shouldn’t be a problem.

He let out an exasperated sigh. "Just go to bed and get some sleep." He said. "I'll just sleep on the couch in the living room." With that, he left the room.

You sighed as you watched him go. He shouldn’t be getting so worked up over nothing. You rolled your eyes and shed your magic, your halo appearing and your dress replacing your human clothes. When your sandals replaced your shoes, you took them off and set them beside the bed.  Then you crawled under the covers and laid your head down on the pillow, closing your eyes.

Romano's POV

He walked out of his room, leaving you there. He didn’t exactly understand why he had gotten so mad about someone else seeing you while you looked all golden-y and beautiful. Not that you didn’t look beautiful to him all the time, it was just the other beauty, the other worldly beauty you held when you looked like an angel with your halo and that golden, white and silver dress of yours.

He sighed as he walked back into the living room. He vaguely noticed that the movie was over and his brother was putting the DVD back in its box.

"Oh, Lovi~! Back from putting (name) down already?" Feli asked.

"Sí. I told her that I was going to sleep on the couch while she took the bed." Romano said.

"Vat? You're not going to sleep with your mädchen?" Ludwig said.

"Sí. Why would I sleep with (name)?" Romano asked. He's obviously still drunk, he added as an afterthought.

Ludwig stood up. "Vell, she is your girlfriend, und she is living vith you vile her house gets fumigated. Zis is your chance to get it on." The German grinned.

Romano's eyes widened and he gaped at the potato bastard. "What?!"

"You heard me, little Romano." Ludwig said and started steering him back the way he came. "Have fun!" He said and pushed Romano into his bed room. "Maybe I'll call Antonio und see vat he zinks about zis." He grinned before shutting the door and walking back down the hall.

"DON’T YOU DARE CALL THAT DAMNED TOMATO BASTARD!" Romano shouted before he realized that you were asleep in his bed.

Romano immediately clapped his hands over his mouth. He looked at your sleeping form to make sure you hadn’t woken up. As soon as he looked at you though, his breath was taken away. You were even more beautiful when asleep, if that was even possible. You looked so peaceful and Romano felt a smile stretch across his lips as he watched you. Your halo was casting a soft golden light around the room and on your (h/c) hair.

Romano walked over to the other side of the bed, to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of lounge pants and quickly changed into them, pulling off his shirt. Then he crawled into the bed next to your sleeping form. Before he laid his head down on the pillow, he brushed some of your hair away from your face. A serene smile still played at the corner of his lips. God he was going to miss you when you left him… he only took comfort in the fact that you leaving might not happen for quite some time.
"Buonanotte." Romano whispered before he laid his head on his own pillow and drifted off to sleep.
Well chapter three is finally here. I hope you all enjoy it!!!!!!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: Welcome, Bella. You are here.
Chapter 4:[link]

I dont own Romano

The picture comes from [link]

I down own "Her Voice Resides" either. Its a Bullet For My Valentine son. (I suggest you listen to it if you dont know what it is. Its a good song)

I dont own you, :iconsexyromanoplz: Does because your his angel. (adorable)

However i do own one thing. and that's this story.
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